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Saturday, September 01, 2001

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Dance Club invites you to feast your eyes!"

It was probably worth going to school yesterday (not that I wouldn't have, me being very guai about stuff like this) to hear the MCs at the Teachers Day Concert say that.

Already tickled by Flesh Parade's previous item and laughing out loud, this line caused me to throw my head back, smashing it into the floor of the Hall, whereupon I promptly left to compose myself.

Now everyone thinks (knows) I'm crazy.
Hot Socks.

That item of fashion desired by many. Those extremely short socks, so short that they reveal the ankle. They disappear into your shoes, such that you need to observe carefully to see that they are wearing socks in the first place. They often come in odd colours.

My sister used to wear Hot Socks when she was in RJC. She claims that they are comfortable.

In ACJC, just down the road, Hot Socks are a school culture. About a week ago (around Tuesday), I stopped a count that has been on for a few months - a count of how many ACJC girls *do not* wear Hot Socks.

Last Tuesday, I happened to be at Buona Vista MRT station just after one of ACJC's Prelim papers had ended and saw hordes of ACJC people.

Hot Socks seem to be a culture in ACJC. Due to the problems of the length of pants, it was not feasible for me to count the guys who didn't wear Hot Socks (or otherwise).

After an estimated 5 months (I didn't keep track of when I started) of counting, I have tallied the results and the grand total of the number of ACJC girls I've seen *not* wearing Hot Socks is... 35. (Conservatively) Correcting for double counting, the number would be 26. Conservatively estimating that I've seen 1/2 the ACJC population in the length of time since I started counting, I come to the (not so) startling conclusion that in the whole of ACJC, only 50 girls of 800 do not wear Hot Socks.

According to Melvin Tay Poh Huat (whose words must oft be taken with a shaker of salt), Hot Socks are worn by them as they:
"makes their legs look longer, more slender and hotter"

And to think that Hot Socks are banned in Hualalalala JC (aka HCJC) and TJC.

Friday, August 31, 2001

i have a suggestion for act cute 3 - (surprise) act cute 2's younger sister
Ooo. Jane has a suggestion for "Act Cute 3"

And the nominee is...

Act Cute 2's sister!
*sharp intakes of breath*

Is it any surprise?

Thursday, August 30, 2001

The VP is very nice. And she agreed that 'Council-Censored Free Expressions' was a travesty.

Apparently, the Council may not be right in their claim that all posters need to be approved by them. She said if they didn't approve, I could go to her or the Principal. Not likely that I'll be doing any more of this sort of thing, though, it being so late in the year.

In other news, the suspected female member of the Vegetarian Support group was seen with a bone (probably chicken) on her plate.

Wednesday, August 29, 2001

Council has mystical powers. They catch wind of my designs too quick. Now, the J1 Council knows of me (or at least the one who approached me).

This whole week, the Council has been putting up all these posters with inspiring quotes for teachers like, "Teaching is the profession that teaches all other professions", which I am rather incensed by, for some reason. The Council likes to give us a sweetened version of reality with all their weird activities (eg: "Footprints in the sand, will you be my friend" - according to Kairen)

Close to 10AM this morning, "He who can, does. He who cannot, teaches. - George Bernard Shaw" starts appearing on the posters with the Council's Quotes. Apparently Mr Purvis likes to use this one a lot.

By 2, many of them have been appended with the new quote. Good arguments always have 2 sides, no?

I came out of History lecture at 5:20 or so and I found that Council had torn down many of their Teachers' Day posters, the ones with quotes. So, well, they're tearing down their own posters. I helped them dispose of a few.

And at ~5:40, the J1 Councillor Anamika (?) comes to me and asks, "Are you responsible for these", brandishing the torn down sheets of paper with the Shaw quote.

"Actually, yes"

"Do you know someone spent a lot of time making these"

I thought of saying, "Do you know I spent a lot of time writing the quotes on?" but didn't, because it is mean.

So I have a hastily thrown together line of argument that goes something like, Quotes can be used for many purposes. You shouldn't lie with quotes. If you quote famous people supporting Teachers' Day, I give a quote supporting the opposite side - the most famous anti-teacher Quote that I know of.

Giving up, she says, "but it's Teachers' Day", and I smile sweetly at her

"All your campaigns have failed." - Grace referring to the anti-Purple Uniform one(s)
On Monday, I saw Culottes Girl tying up her hair for the first time since she had it cut early in the year to that sneaky length which people keep that doesn't necessitate it being tied (even by strict school rules) and just keep it long and revel in the luxuriating mane being tossed about when they jerk their heads. Though in this case, Culottes Girl probably had her hair cut a few times since that major cutting.

On Monday too I saw (yet another) unspeakable sight. Erk. White from Killer. I don't like unspeakable sights. They are unspeakable.

Tuesday, August 28, 2001

Random message:

JC Guide review sent! Let's see if it gets published :)

Sunday, August 26, 2001

Update to ICQ disease:

0th Stage - You forward all sorts of rubbish - 'you will be deleted if you do not forward this to everyone', 'forward this to donate $2 to some child dying of cancer' and 'forward to everyone to see a penguin jumping about'

1st Stage - You don't greet people when they come online anymore.

2nd stage - You stay invisible all the time

3rd stage - You ignore people when they message you.

4th stage - You stop using ICQ.
I know grimes is vegetarian
I don't think the female chinese teacher who always hangs out with the expats is vegetarian (if she is privileged to be considered part of the support group)

Who's "**** ball of wool **** "? I'm intrigued.
I have just found out that one of the suspected members of the vegetarian support group isn't vegetarian.

That leaves one more person in the coven who *might* be vegetarian. Maybe the non-vegetarians hang around trying to tempt them into eating meat :0
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