"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Monday, November 26, 2001

sometimes i wish we weren't so civilised. i could be happy in a world like below.

"A big reason you have all these teens joining these paramilitary forces is because they don't have jobs, carrying an AK-47 is cool, and it's something to do. "

but then again, i probably wouldn't have broadband while hiding in a cave outside Jalalabad eating beef jerky. Massacring villages, raping the female populace, ambushing American soldiers, and defecting to whichever new armed faction happens to be bigger doesn't give me as much utility as 100+kb/s download speeds of fansubbed anime or div-x ripped movies. Not to mention the highly unlikely possibility of ever eating blue cheese again(unless I ambushed the right UN aid convoy)....
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