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Friday, November 30, 2001

I just came back from the Raffles Guys School (RGS) Alma Mater night. Disclaimer: I was asked to go by Screwed Up Girl, so I wasn't buayaing. Like I'd make a good buaya.

Disclaimer: This does not indicate any *ahem* mortification with sexuality. Most of these were noted with amusement rather than with hate or disgust.

I arrived at almost 11pm, and left at maybe 12:30am, and I didn't actually *enter* the ballroom proper, but here are some notes, my report.

All the boyfriends were hanging around. Most of them were in shorts and looked beng and pai kia-ish. A lot had dyed hair. The most interesting of the lot was this plump guy in a black shirt, silver tie and large black trenchcoat. He reminded me of a Mafia goon! [NB: Ruxin tells me Tanglin Secondary School was having their Prom their too, so *maybe* the Bengs were from there. Jiamin claims that the Mafia goon was her classmate, but I'm skeptical.]

A few Prefects were going off just as I was coming. Maybe they didn't want to party.

The MCs for the evening were remarkably deep voiced, lending credence to the name "Raffles Guys".

A myriad of fashion was seen, and the more exotic or weird ones shall be noted.

It seemed some people were not used to gowns. One girl had to lift hers up just to walk. Pity. Another held it up much too high - to the thigh (ugh). I wonder how they danced in their gowns during the disco later.

Back baring outfits were quite popular. One girl had a bare back and on the front was this shiny fish-scaled piece of cloth, which was sheer cut. And she jiggled a lot.

One had a white dress which seemed to have the middle portion of the back ripped off. Another girl had a tube top patched with both brown and shiny black leather. She had to pull up. So sad. This other girl had a black top, with a blue skirt, and pink fabric draped around it.

Black was very very popular. Disappointing, the lack of adventure. Then again, I'm not going to be taking Shawn's suggestion of dressing as Barney for *mine* own Prom.

Surprisingly, there was some ethnic dress. A few in Cheongsams, others in Indian costumes (the midriff baring ones, with a top, a long flowing skirt and a shawl).

Accessories, hair and shoes:
One girl had a fur-trimmed overcoat. And another fur cape was sighted on someone else. Yet another was wearing a Michael Jackson-esque tophat, and had 2 ponytails which reminded me of Michael Jackson, too.

One girl evidently left her hair for too long in the curler for it looked like Maggi Mee (like the Rafflesian Spirit). Another threaded pearls through one lock of her hair.

Some people had designs on their backs traced out with stones, or crystal, or something. Others had glitter in their hair and on their shoulders. Boots were remarkably prevalent. There were many high, black boots. Bondage?

Although the theme was "Masquerade", only one girl wore a mask. A mask black on one side of the front and white on the other. She had a blue feather in her hair and a silver cape, and I'm told she was Zing. Another girl had a red malay-esque cape over her whitish gown. And she had elf ears!

Raffles Guys:
This girl had short hair and a T-Shirt with Red and Black horizontal stripes , and she was wearing men's shoes. However, this could not compare to another one, with even shorter hair (though not cropped a la Jessica Tay before going to the UK), a light beige shirt inside, a large black leather trenchcoat, and men's shoes. I saw her in the corridor while walking with Adela and Geraldine, and we all noticed. "Was that a girl or a guy?" [NB: Ruxin tells me that "ohh..the guyish gal in trenchcoat is felicia.. we shared the same hotel room.. she's very suave right?". Indeed, she was quite suave :)]

The student band had the singer singing very very low. Lower than some guys' ranges, in fact. It's very weird and disconcerting to see gowned girls playing electric guitars and drums.

And I met Yaoi Girl. Nice to meet you, Liying. Nice bondage boots (ooo.). Nice, erm, squeaky voice. ^_^. It needs some work before it becomes a Jap Schoolgirl voice, work on it!

This girl, presumably doing AV, reminded me of Huijun and Huimei, with her gait and the RGS jacket!

As there was last year, the letters "RGS" were spelled out in Sculpted Ice. Nice. Some girl put her tiara on the letter "G".

One prefect took off her court shoes. Aww. Another mannish prefect looked a bit like #5. I wonder if she knows #5. Some shrieked as they ran to take a photo with the other prefects. Leftover influence of Act Cute 2?

Learning from Nanyang, RGS has extended its merchandising. Now you've RGS bears in pinafores. But the Nanyang bear looked *okay* because Nanyang girls have short hair. Somehow the head of the RGS bear doesn't look right.

Some of the black cutouts on the walls were of guys in hose/breeches [I believe - the ones with the puffy thighs]. The legendary Raffles Guys?

Some of them screamed even worse than me.

Later, there was a Mat band. Mat bands are actually quite good.

Some girls were dancing on tables. Apparently one fell and broke her ankle (Adela's friend), so I surmise, so they weren't allowed to dance on tables anymore. Who dances on tables, especially in high heels? As I left I saw the ambulance outside.

Heard in the elevator, ""Very tired...". "My legs ah, can't take it." "My sandals [are painful]". Ah well. The price of wearing female shoes (hey, at least they don't need socks, and they keep the feet aired). What a pity.

Apparently Jane went too. She says that she "saw at least five girls with the same gown, which i also happens to possess (for some reason or another). The getups were boring! i'm going to tailor me an orange outfit next year;)
hey the mcs are pretty bimbotic, they hardly hae deep voices whot"

And while scribbling all of these notes, I was seated behind the Principal, the Vice-Principal and many of the Prefects.

Now I've an idea of what the RJ prom will be like. Much more high class than the RI prom, which was held in the School Hall (grr). Though Zhiming points out that we paid $40 while they paid $60. At least that meant I could wear my green tail freely!

Minrui: what did you go there for anyway.... advertise your website?
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