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Friday, May 27, 2005


1) Yahoo mail doesn't show advertisements anymore. Which is a good thing for me, as a consumer. No ads, good thing, consumer happy. All you big money-making web company-thingies, take heed.

2) Good try, knightofpentacles, with Dr. Sara Israels. You get the accolades.
Was actually gunning for Dr. Maureen Andrews, on whom there is little information on the ingternet. (i believe Dr. Israels and Dr. Andrews would have come from the same lab working group). No she is not a poet, nor is she a horse jockey, she was a humble woman who passed away before the rise of the Ingternet as a global repository of information. Which may explain why there is precious little information on her. Accolades for the next person who can find web pages featuring her. Here is an example.

3) I'm sorry for waking you up today, and i'll try to help you with yr golf clubs if i do go up to the capital. And i know it's only gonna be for a month, but i'm going to miss the late nites hanging out, looking at yr latest projects or just talking abt random stuff ... i'm gonna miss you.

4) Due to poor budgeting this month, i am left with barely enough money to take the shuttle bus one way to the airport to return home next week. Which means no spending money between now and leaving melbourne... no matter how tempting. It's do-able ... i'll survive.
Dawn, Because of all your gracious compliments about my culinary skills And because you are an all-round wondering and caring person, i shall make it a POINT to bake a cake for your birthday. And it shall be a New one, a recipe no one has tried before. And it shall look "pro", not a champalang thing that got thrown together for its own sake, but like something out of a bakery - only not too professional, otherwise it would be indistinguishable from a store-bought cake. And like all birthday things this shall be our little secret* and nobody will tell her until 2 january 2006, okay? Only would you care to share it with your sis? (=

* Referring to andrew's notoriously bad track record at keeping any secrets involving birthdays.

And joel, i can't wait to try Chicken Goujons... mmmmmMMM!!! I have chicken breast fillets (oooh, the word "breast" appeared on Balderdash for the umpteenth time!!) waiting in the freezer for infusions of coriander, fivespice powder, spring onion, ginger, chilli, honey and soy sauce with flavours that explode in your mouth.
How does one get Agagooga-ed when Agagooga isn't around? Hmm.

Happiness is a large Ben and Jerry's Chocolate Therapy Milkshake.


I'm now at Prime Outlets at Lee, Massachussetts now. The plan was to drop my sister and I off while my brother in law went to the Basketball Hall of Fame at Springfield, Mass. However, we found that the two places were too far apart, so he decided not to visit the Hall of Fame. So what we are doing here now, I do not know - it is the third shopping trip (and second outlet trip) we've had in 6 days. ... women.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Haha... another trivia question. Who pioneered the concept that age plays a role in the clotting mechanisms of normal kids? (clue: it's a she)
Tee hee. Agagooga's camera has a tendency to stop working whenever he goes on holiday. Hope it starts working again.


Meanwhile, i shall entertain you! haha... spending a few days looking forlornly at this blog waiting for something to be updated and it finally dawned upon me to put something up! (dawn u just got agagooga-ed!) crys if you're reading this this is where the studioghibli boxset is temporarily residing- making girls cry!


"No one expects the spanish inquisition." Can anyone identify where this quote originated from? And where and when it has been re-quoted?

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I am currently in a Starbucks near a conglomeration of factory outlets near Lancaster, Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Dutch country - home of the Amish) now. My brother in law claimed that there was free WiFi here, but of course it needs to be paid for. Luckily, I found a coupon for a free 24 hour daypass so I can clear some things while my brother in law looks for my sister in the maze of factory outlets.

Me having my usual luck, my Canon Powershot A70, already slightly wonky before the flight though working acceptably with some patience and jiggling on my part, refused to function properly when I tried it after touchdown, being capable only of producing purple-tinged and fuzzy-static bordered shots. My brother in law offered to buy me a new camera, but I felt there was no point, since if I get a new camera, I want to look at reviews first. Furthermore, the warranty will be valid only in America. He has a Digital SLR of his own, but refuses to let me touch it, so on the occasions when we will be separated (Washington DC, Boston), I will have no photographic record of my travels.

Seems my pimping has paid off. 'isdagent' asked to join Young Republic for the following reason:

"I am an operative from G1 Army, MINDEF, interested in finding out about
the attitudes of the young Singaporeans towards National Service"

Uhh right.
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