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Saturday, August 18, 2001

Hualalalala has a very weird cheer, from which hualalalala gets it's name.

It goes:

Hua la la la la
Xi li li li li
Hua zhong, hua zhong, ding gua gua!

However, in weirdness, it is beaten by this one, which girls schools with girls with high voices love to do:

Give me an oei!

Give me an oei!

Give me an oei!
"sat sat!"
Some person called ildd added me to her ICQ list and when I tried to make conversation today, the person went in circles and started being irritating. I read the message log to Tim The Great and he was very amused. I post the message log here for anyone whose sense of humour is as warped as his is to read, and be amused.

kimberly 8/18/01 4:57 PM hello

ildd 8/18/01 4:57 PM hi..

kimberly 8/18/01 4:57 PM erm, who are you?

ildd 8/18/01 4:58 PM someone who finds the name kimberly
interesting.. :)

kimberly 8/18/01 5:01 PM a lot of people do :)
so, you are?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:01 PM someone who delights in mystery?

ildd 8/18/01 5:01 PM ... one of them...

ildd 8/18/01 5:01 PM u r absolutely right!

kimberly 8/18/01 5:02 PM joy.

kimberly 8/18/01 5:03 PM so, I should call the mobile phone numbers to
find out?

ildd 8/18/01 5:03 PM hahaha... u r smaaaaaaaaaaaart!..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:03 PM gah

ildd 8/18/01 5:04 PM but i a gues u rnt tt boliao.. like me..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:04 PM actually, I am probably as boliao

kimberly 8/18/01 5:13 PM well?

ildd 8/18/01 5:14 PM sorry..got dc..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:15 PM yes, so you are?

ildd 8/18/01 5:15 PM me?

ildd 8/18/01 5:15 PM im fine..

ildd 8/18/01 5:15 PM i gues so..

ildd 8/18/01 5:15 PM wat abt u?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:15 PM ...

by the equations in your info, I conclude you
are a double maths J2 student

kimberly 8/18/01 5:16 PM what about me what

ildd 8/18/01 5:16 PM haha..

ildd 8/18/01 5:16 PM r u fine?

ildd 8/18/01 5:16 PM how old is a j2 studnet supposed to b?..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:17 PM yes yes
the age thing is you trying to be funny

ildd 8/18/01 5:17 PM ok..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:18 PM so, would you like to stop going in circles?

ildd 8/18/01 5:18 PM yes..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:18 PM so, you are...?

ildd 8/18/01 5:18 PM i prefer octagons....

ildd 8/18/01 5:18 PM ahyo.. told u liao mah...

kimberly 8/18/01 5:18 PM what?

ildd 8/18/01 5:19 PM or rather... told u indirectly liao..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:19 PM what, 'joy'?

ildd 8/18/01 5:20 PM no lar...
tt one u urself said so...
y do u thk i find the name kimberly

kimberly 8/18/01 5:20 PM because you're called so?

ildd 8/18/01 5:21 PM in a way...
hey... r u a guy or a gal?..
how come called gabriel n called kimberly..?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:21 PM 'kimberly' is a nickname

ildd 8/18/01 5:23 PM but y of all names kimberly?..
do u noe tt its a gal's name?
i dun call myself LKY

kimberly 8/18/01 5:23 PM yeah, well, I like it
been that since 97

ildd 8/18/01 5:24 PM ok

kimberly 8/18/01 5:24 PM yes, any more clues to drop me?>

ildd 8/18/01 5:24 PM clues to?..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:24 PM your identity

kimberly 8/18/01 5:24 PM or you could just tell me

ildd 8/18/01 5:24 PM me?.. i thot u knew liao..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:25 PM no I didn't know liao

ildd 8/18/01 5:25 PM im kimberly..
oso jeremiah..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:25 PM do I know you in real life?

ildd 8/18/01 5:27 PM haha... how i noe...?,...
ur pic... erm... nvr see b4 such a funny
wearng such a funny pair of specs..
wif such a corny lookng face...

ildd 8/18/01 5:27 PM r u sure u look tiz way?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:27 PM well.
Most people aren't really photogenic.

which way are you referring to?
there are a few pictures there

ildd 8/18/01 5:28 PM only got 1...
under icq.. user details...

kimberly 8/18/01 5:29 PM OH
that one
no, that's not me :)

ildd 8/18/01 5:29 PM haha...

kimberly 8/18/01 5:29 PM yes, well

ildd 8/18/01 5:29 PM ok

kimberly 8/18/01 5:30 PM so, who are you?

ildd 8/18/01 5:30 PM ahyo.. u so blur

kimberly 8/18/01 5:30 PM aiyah

ildd 8/18/01 5:31 PM kimberly lar..
can call jeremiah oso..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:31 PM where are you from?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:31 PM isn't jeremiah a boy's name?

ildd 8/18/01 5:32 PM im from the bin..

ildd 8/18/01 5:32 PM yah.. i noe

ildd 8/18/01 5:32 PM wat abt jamie?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:32 PM bin?
can you just tell me
I'm going to go off soon

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM heard of jamie redknap?

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM yah.. bin

kimberly 8/18/01 5:33 PM jamie?
that's gender neutral

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM isit..
let me thk of another one..

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM jeremiah..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:33 PM it is?

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM heard of jeremiah kimberly?

kimberly 8/18/01 5:33 PM not sure

ildd 8/18/01 5:33 PM :)

kimberly 8/18/01 5:34 PM are you still in school?

ildd 8/18/01 5:34 PM no..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:34 PM how old are you?

ildd 8/18/01 5:34 PM im at home

kimberly 8/18/01 5:34 PM I give up

ildd 8/18/01 5:35 PM ahyo..
jeremiah kimberly lar..

kk bye

kimberly 8/18/01 5:35 PM it's infuriating attempting to talk to you

ildd 8/18/01 5:36 PM ahyo.. so bad..

kimberly 8/18/01 5:36 PM ... so I don't think I will try


ildd 8/18/01 5:36 PM nvm...


kimberly 8/18/01 5:37 PM sigh

ildd 8/18/01 5:38 PM sigh to...
feel as if im toking to my image in the
kimberly toking to kimberly...
perhaps its true tt 1 mountain cannot haf 2
n 1 mirror cannot haf 2 kimberlies...
nvm.. bye

kimberly 8/18/01 6:43 PM hello again

ildd 8/18/01 6:44 PM hello again too..
hey.. i really not joking lar..
pple call me both jeremiah n kimberly...

kimberly 8/18/01 6:45 PM ok, I believe you

what school are you from

ildd 8/18/01 6:46 PM newton

ildd 8/18/01 6:46 PM oops

ildd 8/18/01 6:46 PM new town

ildd 8/18/01 6:47 PM primary..

kimberly 8/18/01 6:49 PM I see
and you're 12?

ildd 8/18/01 6:49 PM many many years ago..

kimberly 8/18/01 6:50 PM and now?

ildd 8/18/01 6:50 PM jc

kimberly 8/18/01 6:50 PM or a retainee?

ildd 8/18/01 6:51 PM primary sch retainee?./...
waliew... soooo bad..

kimberly 8/18/01 6:51 PM which jc?

ildd 8/18/01 6:51 PM u which jc i which jc lor..

kimberly 8/18/01 6:52 PM ahh

now let's see, what irritating people do I
know in RJC?

ildd 8/18/01 6:54 PM hahaha.....

ildd 8/18/01 6:54 PM i only noe 1

ildd 8/18/01 6:54 PM no..2

kimberly 8/18/01 6:55 PM J1 or J2?

ildd 8/18/01 6:55 PM 1 is myself... haha

kimberly 8/18/01 7:10 PM are you J1 or J2

ildd 8/18/01 7:10 PM thot u evaporated...

kimberly 8/18/01 7:11 PM zhuang4

ildd 8/18/01 7:11 PM zhuang4?

kimberly 8/18/01 7:14 PM crash

are you j1 or j2

ildd 8/18/01 7:14 PM u crashed into wat?...
r u ok?...

kimberly 8/18/01 7:15 PM computer crashed

ildd 8/18/01 7:15 PM ic.. see lar...
dun switch off... now overheat liao..

kimberly 8/18/01 7:16 PM are you in J1 or J2?

ildd 8/18/01 7:17 PM 2

ildd 8/18/01 7:17 PM u?

kimberly 8/18/01 7:19 PM 2

what class are you?

ildd 8/18/01 7:19 PM u veri curios leh...

kimberly 8/18/01 7:20 PM no, just normal

ildd 8/18/01 7:22 PM hey.. me gtg.. bye

kimberly 8/18/01 7:23 PM goodbye

Relating this to people, Huijun/Huimei made some interesting remarks:

many people can irritate me
just not that often :)

like me?

please say yes......

i feel better if i can irritate you sometimes, since you often irritate me.....

do you make irritating people your hobby or something?

Interesting day.

Friday, August 17, 2001

I have moved the site to Geocities. Blogspot is too slow.

Xephyris's code was wrong. Corrected.

Quote of the Day:
[Aravind: I suppose you know what we do here.] Yeah. Nothing. - Friend

More Quotes
:: thoughts
Don't get the ugly girl thing, you should rank them in order of merit (or demerit *nasty grin*).

:: recommendations
Just thought I'd plug a really tight mp3 player + plugin.

Get Winamp here:

Get the MAD decoder here:
MAD plugin

:: comments
The MAD plugin is capable of decoding at upto 32 bits... of course, one would need a pretty high quality soundcard to benefit from that (costing upwards of $400 for a decent 24-bit card with a high quality DAC). Still, even with a 16 bit soundcard, this plugin sounds sweet, decoding at the "professional quality" 24-bit and then dithering the signal down to 16 bit, allowing a dynamic frequency range that theoretically exceeds the limits of a 16 bit card. However, to me, it just sounds like its capable of reproducing richer bass, and maybe treble. Still, compared with the stock decoder, its an improvement. Go here for an article on sound dithering:
Article on Dithering.

Interesting stuff, yes? Of course, I'm here to offset the weird stuff that Agagooga there likes to post.

Thursday, August 16, 2001

Yesterday, as I was walking down the corridor, I heard some girl say, "I hate the Powerpuff Girls". As I rounded the corner, I said, "I hate the Powerpuff Girls too!".

What girls consider to be cute often violates norms of good taste. Hello Kitty, Tare Panda and the Powerpuff Girls are just some of the seriously disgusting things most girls consider 'cute'. Perhaps it is an unconscious desire to satisfy some hidden need.

Today, I have finally seen CRM! The stuff of legend, I have finally glimpsed this elusive figure after hearing about her for close to a year. I must say she does deserve her title, though the J2 I thought was CRM or CFM is slightly CRMish too. Now it remains for me to sight CFM.

I also saw this girl walking with an upside down badge. She must be trying to start some fashion trend. Guys have pockets to guide them as to where to pin their badges, but girls do not have that luxury. Usually, the badge is pinned too high. I once saw this person who'd pinned her badge onto her collar.

Quote of the Day:
[Me: Look!] African? Her skirt gets shorter and shorter. - Someone Else

More Quotes

Wednesday, August 15, 2001

Andrew Gan would like to say: lim liying is chio okay
This morning, I added a new one to my list of people who have terms of endearment. Of course, it could be argued that these are not terms of endearment, but are malicious diatribes. I maintain that they are, and that I say all of them with some modicum of affection towards the people so named (of course, I have more affection for some than for others). The newest personage in my list of dubious virtue is called - 'Puppy'.

Shawn has scolded me before, saying that my terms of endearment are lousy. He has his own (or, I've been led to believe, ones that he's gotten from his classmates) - CRM (Come Rape Me), CFM (Come F*** Me), Man Mountain and The Sex, and doubtless has more. He says that good nicknames (for that is the shortest word for them) have at least 2 words to convey the meaning of the nickname. I dispute that, but one can see my lack of ability in coming up with them:

Act Cute - This is more of a description. Not very good.

Killer - This one's actually rather succinct and efficacious. It describes the person perfectly (and she is amused by it to boot!)

Killer's friend (the one who looks like killer) - Baaad.

Engineer - This actually came from a conversation.
Engineer: "When I talk to people, I look at my feet"
Me: "You can be an engineer"
Engineer: "Shut up"
More inspired than some.

Jiggle - How bad can I get? Jiggle... jiggles.

8 year old (girl) - Not that stupid. We also have,

11 year old (girl)

Fat Girl and,
Fat Girl's friend - These are really bland and dumb.

NB: There's nothing wrong with being fat!

Full Figured Girl - Kairen says that I'm trying to say she's fat. Well, 'full figured' is not the same as 'fat'. It means, erm, that the person just has a full figure!

Ghost J1'00, J2'01 - She does look rather ghostly. And there's her senior,

Ghost J2'00 - Who is of a different type of spirit.

Act Cute 2 - If 'Act Cute' was worse, 'Act Cute 2' is positively disgusting. There are worse series, which go up to 7.

African - This comes from some leap of deduction, and it is only me who has seen the truth, that N!�rl�n is her African name. Some of my classmates think I'm stalking her.

Horse - Looks like a Horse. This is arguably lousy because, "She's not a horse, she's a cow".

Opera Girl - One of the worst?

Preener - This is not my creation. Ask Andrew Gan.

Deformed Student - Descriptive nicknames are generally bad.

Culottes Girl - Descriptive nicknames which come from clothing patterns are even worse.

Vampire - She does look rather vampiric.

Triplets - 'Prisoner' was suggested by Yixiang. As they are the only triplets in RJC (in 3 years, that I know of), it is not likely that others will be mistaken as Triplets.

Foreign Blood - This one's not even a description. Ugh.

BSB - This is Jianwen's creation. Blame him :)

Red Jacket - No mistake too, but uninspired (as usual)

The Elf Gone Wrong - Kairen gave me the idea for this one, and it's (consequently) actually quite good.

Fierce Girl - Baaaad.

Puppy - Not so bad. Woof.

Yortsin - I think this one's okay.

Apple Woman - The apple connection's hard to see for some, but otherwise it's a tenable moniker.

Rafflesian Spirit - Kairen's idea too. Good.

Cults: There are also various cults in RJC.
Evil Cult
Diabolical Cult
Unnamed Cult
Flesh Parade
Associate Flesh Parade

The only ones which might be faintly recognisable (for what they actually are) are Flesh Parade and Associate Flesh Parade (so called because they are in it part time only). 'Unnamed Cult' is really unforgivable, but I couldn't find a suitable verb that harmonised with the tone of 'Evil' and 'Diabolical'.

Ugly Girl #1 - #7
Beauty is in the Eye of The Beholder, but these 7 come together.
NB: There is NOTHING wrong with being Ugly. Indeed, it is better as Beautiful people are often not taken seriously.

Of course, there are the rescinded ones, which were:
The PRC who isn't a PRC - Which people thought was quite apt
and PJ girl - Which comes from a personal exchange, and consequently isn't a very good.

Tuesday, August 14, 2001

This site shall be to host assorted rants and weird observations. Regularly updated columns (eg How Girls Waste Time - http://www.geocities.com/gssq/girl.htm) shall be hosted on my main site - http://www.geocities.com/gssq/

I will strive to make this an un-normal web log - no angst for me, no way! Instead, the weird and bo liao stuff we all have come to know and love from me.
:: content
Recently read some Greek epigrams.

:: epigram

Farewell, Morning Star, herald of dawn, and quickly come again as the
Evening Star, bringing secretly her whom thou takest away.

:: thoughts
That looks like 1001 Tales from Raffles Junior College or something.

We should start the "10 habits of highly slack people" soon.

Today I found a black scrunchie on the floor of TS 20. It has a hole in it, which is probably why it was dumped. I went around and shot 7 people with it (I aimed at 9 people but missed 2 of them)

Going to the hall, I saw that Michael's J1 friend had... her safety pin visible!

The art of using safety pins to secure tucked out blouses is an ancient art, which has been honed through the centuries into a precise application of the pins at the correct places. Obviously, this one was new to the mysteries, as the metal of her pin was showing!

As mysterious as the art itself is the skill of detecting those who practice the art. I have been trying to develop my skills, and 2 weeks ago, I saw evidence of my progress - I detected Myo Li's use of safety pins. After slipping and calling them paper clips, my suspicion was confirmed by the hesitant person, and thrusting my arms in the air, I shouted, "Yes, my skill has improved", before walking off triumphantly, leaving the class flabbergasted.
Prepare for more random stuff.
Xephyris is online.
Online journals are evil. So I've said before.

So I will post all the weird things I always tell people here!

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