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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Now that I'm back, my tech related stuff is back too :)
Firstly: This is an illegal post. If you have high morals, stop reading this post now.

Reuters, Yahoo, and CNN have all broken the law () by posting the news on how to defeat the new Sony copy protection using your everyday marker (I hear that maybe they'll ban markers) or even an innocuous post-it note. Read about the news agency violations here:

Newsforge Article
I love the way this article ends.

And the offending article from yahoo itself here:

Sony's new CD-protection defeated by a marker.

Yours truly feels that fighting piracy is a good thing.

However, when that fight starts by using technology that is a hassle to consumers (the protection crashes Apple computers, among other things) something is out of hand. AND the fact that the copy protection works by adding imperfections to the quality of the music doesn't help either. Maybe record labels should make originals cheaper to encourage consumers to buy them instead- it's not like the stamping of a silver + packaging cost actually cost them a lot.
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