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Thursday, May 23, 2002

The "new sintercom" whose existence is highly poseur-ly imho.
Qian xi is interviewed there on her views of the singapore government!
Remember, you heard it from Balderdash .

translation for below: smoko's a party with drinks, Ron's a bangladeshi kid who is sponsored by the college student body. And "gold coin donations" is an obligatory donation towards Ron. Why bangladesh? Why why?

Ron's Birthday Party Smoko - Sunday night - Latest News
Posted by Ben Sturmfels on Thursday May 23 2002 @ 12:54AM EST

'Haaaappy B'day to Ron, Haaaapy B'day to Ron...'

Last Smoko for the semester!
When? Sunday 26th @ 8pm in the Quad.
Who's Ron? A child in Bangledesh sponsored by the Students' Club. We are raising $$ for good cause by gold-coin donation at
the door.
Dress? Come like your Mummy dressed you... ;)

Party food
Face painting
Fairy floss
Lucky dip
1st keg of night - Hahn Premium
Fantastic costume prizes
Schnapps punch for first hour

Please remember your donation for Ron!
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