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Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Did my first paid student service today- wonder if i could negotiate with victoria to count it towards my actual student service again =p (Student service is an obligation in most colleges/or hostels as gabriel understands. It's a mandatory contribution to the college community- and comes in the form of kitchen work, serving in the dining hall, office work- and that's in the order of desirability, starting with the least desirable. It's a great time to interact with other pple, and i never see it as a chore- there's a gotong-royong spirit or atmosphere about doing everything which is sooo warm and fuzzy)
And not only was it my first paid, it was my first time serving in the hall! (First time Not scrubbing stainless steel in the kitchen- allegedly the worst student service job of all)


And landmark: Jiaming and albert and chenyi have visited my blog! (darn, they didn't leave comments) And they found it highly amusing!!

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