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Thursday, May 23, 2002

Albert suggested i make a list of things i'd want to bring back from singapore, so i'll start:

1) Computer with printer (the latter being v. important in the light of high printing costs) ... hmm windows 98/XP .... desktop. Plus extra printer cartridges.
2) Handphone. Hrm, cross that out since i'd be able to get a free one on a plan here.

2) textbooks. Rhoades and pflanzer? Dorland's medical dictionary?
3) Clothes- all my funky tops and berms at home
4) Photos!!
5) song scores? Bulky, may not be much use- for mcfarland's and med choir.
6) keyboard. No, scratch that, too bulky for this trip.
7) Rice cooker/related kitchenware if there's space
8) CDs!! Oh... most of my cd collection is here already ...albert's gonna burn the JOC albums for me. and i can go to gramaphone to get some more (=
9) Stationery- pens and things, plus those clear folders i'm addicted to.

And i'll have to make a list of pple to buy things for, and what to get them... it would simplify things a lot if you would just tell me what you'd like... seriously. Email me or icq or something. especially if you're a nougat or nut fan.
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