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Friday, October 05, 2001

blin's funny! I wish my science teachers had his sense of humour.
PSC probably didn't "just assign" him Supreme court law- he must have impressed the pants off the Cambridge interviewers And the PSC interviewers to be on such a hot career track.

For all yr reading/blackmailing pleasure,

Taken off an oooold RJC debates page:
1. At the Individuals Speaking Round (part of the World Debating Championships) in Israel:

Debating the motion, "This House welcomes the next millenium", Michelle, on being asked in a POI what she would do in a next millenium with no men:
"What do you think fingers and vegetables are for?" (in front of an international community no less)

2. On watching the JC 1 tryouts, over the motion "This House fears China", and being told that Tibetan nuns were forced to erm, mate, Senthil noted:
"Copulation equals population.", to explain the large population in China

3. On debating a serious motion, over "This House believes that the legal system has betrayed us", Ashraf gives us a serious and current example:
"The jury system today is corrupt and easily manipulated: the MAFIA wins them over easily - look at Al Capone for example." (Too many Godfather movies, too little reading!)

4. Lim Jianyi, trying to prove to us that "The ideals of Sports" are not dead:
"Even in the villages, African women run around bouncing pumpkins."

5. Ashraf, trying to justify in the same debate the huge sums of money that
athletes get:
"Athletes need a lot of money to buy their expensive sports shoes. This is very important because without the proper sport shoes, they will get foot fungi and blisters..." (proceeds into an intimate examination of foot fungi and blisters)

Webkeeper's Note: Some quotes have been withheld from publication due to obscene content
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