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Tuesday, October 02, 2001

Wobbly arms? Richard Fish from Ally Mcbeal calls it "tricep waddle". If you look carefully at the TV screen you can even make out the full report he did on it.

Anyway, there's a chem teacher who comes to school once a fortnight in a practically-see-through blouse (not that it accentuates her appearance very much). Avert my eyes every time it occurs. At first thought she wore a petticoat underneath, but apparently it's very thin/translucent too.

Wonder how many scgs girls wear jackets in school... wonder if there Are any.

Sleeveless scgs blouses also means those who have tans better make sure they don't have visible tan lines... which would mean much more of them should be rolling up their t-shirt sleeves. Nanyang-ers generally aren't that tanned... except for the basketballers of legend, and they're a different breed.

Ms. Selfridge: American high school-sassiness meets british chic.
RGS merchandise~ loyalist endorsements meets adolescent-neuroses. Been wearing badly-designed t-shirts in RI (think: uuugly student-designed House t-shirts; eca t-shirts with slogans like "just sing it"; mandatory wearing) too long already. 20th anniversary one was pretty bad.

Nanyang girls' high has been going up up up the last few years. Some of their prelims are tougher than supposedly top schools, they even pushed out chinese high. Their seniors are very proud of them. A relative of mine said a contingent of educationists from chinese high/nanyang GH went over to malaysia and impressed the pants off the chinese schools there.

Been falling for Shostakovich's music. Marvellous. His stuff is the key to the 20th century.

By the way, my offer for monkey island still stands.

Tidbit: Mr. Nah goes to St. Andrew's Cathedral.
And dr. chan was sniggering thru chem s session today because he set the question that, like, almost nobody passed. So many got 0 /20 for his question that he started drawing funny shapes with the zeros- I got a bean-like thing.
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