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Sunday, September 30, 2001

Comments on The School With The Most Indecent Uniform In Singapore Bar None:

1. hahah
hmm i'm not really sure
scgs? nygh? mgs when it's raining?

hmm i'd agree but i haven't really seen any good looking scgs girls
and their head prefect from our year agrees with me
maybe the uniform is some devious plan to get guys gawking at their bare flesh :P

2. cool wad
sexy cool rite

3. Their school uniform isn't that indecent, though.. given what some people wear on weekends . (Ed: If it's not, then why do you always see them in jackets or PE T-Shirts?

There are 2 main reasons for this. One is modesty. Another is that being indecent because you are compelled to is unethical for those who like to be indecent, and so they have to wear more on the top)

4. well....bad design...

5. woah... i learnt something new today. :)
haha, what do i think about it? i mean, considering i had to wear it for what, 10 years...?
let's just say that i couldn't wait to change into my jc uniform even though it's really quite ugly.
well, it was just a few aspects i guess, u know the fact that it's really sheltered and some people could really be uppity, attribute it to my inferiority complex if u will, but for what it's worth, i did have some fun while i was there and i made a coupla really gd friends too.
yes, that's one thing, everyone comes out alike. esp the ones in RJ. sigh, u better not let this get out because someone'll prolly send a hired killer to kill me or something for saying something like that. lol.

it's only exposed cuz there are quite a number of u know... snotty and bitchy people there.

6. i think the school is catty but the individuals from there tend to be really nice but a bit gu1 niang. [sc i mean]

i don't know many. seem to be two factions, the nice ones and the pretetious-arty-farty wannabes

7. what, river valley? haha
sc girls generally speak well but they're all very ditsy why
sc girls yah lah speak well but they're all sluts really

oh okay... so they can take it off when they want
so they have a choice of indecency

slutty aren't they
some are a lot worse than others

8. hmm.... i don't really know... i think the scgs uniform is pretty okay...

9. oh. haiyah whack them all or something
dunno. kan bu shuang

10. oh...well...
i think it's quite practical wat....very cooling =)
er...besides that...me thinks it's indecent too...
at least it's not white...=)

11. i like it. used to like it. before... never mind.
SCGS girls have the feminine thing going on for them. The "sit-properly" etiquette allure that the savages from RGS can only dream to emulate. They rate the highest in the bitch factor though - if there's a rumour going around about how some girl/guy/goat broke your heart/condom/wallet, it probably originated from Sincerity Courage Generiosity Service.

as for looks, are you fuggin kidding? there are *way* many sc lookers. that's why they all "act cute", it's innate in their culture because a large proportion of them look so good. ever saw a plump sc girl? nada. ever saw a slim nanyang girl? nay.

there. fodder for quoting. mmm. ;)

i was fond of scgs. generally i'm still fond of it.

12. during my time, they were the swankiest girls around

13. i think flabby arms shouldn't be seen. and girls should shave.

14. oh i think the uniform's nice
i told u it makes them skinny right?
coz fat girls look mutherfuckingly ugly in the sc uniform so they're more or less forced to make themselves thin!

15. heh... some girls from there quite pretty... heh.
harr... i think most girls from there are highly extroverted... seems like..

16. sc girls are the biggest source of jc culture shock for any rgs girl because they're so completely different from each other
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