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Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Links - 15th May 2024 (1 - Hamas Attack Oct 2023: College Campuses)

‘Jewish women too ugly to be raped’, anti-Israel protester's hate caught on camera - "an old white woman, holding a Palestine flag walks up to girl and shouts on her face saying, “Jewish women are too ugly to be raped…maybe with a condom.” It's then that she is pulled by other women and taken away... In another video a young Jewish woman was beaten unconscious by pro-Hamas students at the UCLA campus in California today.  Video of her bleeding head after being hit has gone viral. She was hospitalized with a concussion after being ganged up on by at least five student protesters. A well known American journalist, Miha Schwartzenber stated, “When a jewish student ends up at the Emergency room, unconscious, hit violently in the head , is still FREE SPEECH ?????? These students from UCLA copy-pasted all the terrorists’ tactics. Violence just comes naturally. This. Is. Not. Acceptable!”  “This is attempted murder assault and other crimes! It should never come to this and president of this University should also be arrested for failure to do their job!,” Vibrani Nora."
Is this the "rape culture" that feminists claim to hate?

Ben Dreyfuss on X - "Every report I read makes me think the cops who raided Columbia were, despite the histrionics, like the nicest cops in the world"
Inside the Columbia University Protests Over Israel and Gaza - "K.: The cops had that big-ass annoying speaker blaring, “If you do not get up, you will be arrested.”
Steven: I was taken with another person who was crying a lot. And as we were walking out, our arresting officer was like, “Oh, it’s just summonses,” which I thought was so weird because it was his attempt to comfort us, right? It’s almost this admission that you have some awareness that what you’re doing is wrong.
K.: Our arresting officer was trying to make small talk. She was like, “Come on, guys. You can talk to me. I’m also just a person.” Then she goes, “But you guys know it was your president who told us to arrest you?”"

As Palestine protests spread, the West is devouring itself - "Universities are often where dark cultural movements draw their first breaths. In Germany, Nazism was embraced by students and given intellectual ballast by lecturers. As early as 1920, two German academics published a book entitled Allowing the Destruction of Life Unworthy of Living. Six years later – with Hitler’s election still seven years in the future – the National Socialist German Students’ Union was formed.  In the 1960s, the engine of Chairman Mao’s cultural revolution was China’s youth. The Red Guards paramilitary movement was led by a vanguard of students. In 1979, when American diplomats were taken hostage in Tehran during the Islamic Revolution, it was once again students to blame. We live today with the menace of the theocratic regime they midwifed. With the first quarter of the current century almost behind us, it is the turn of our universities. After decades of saturation with toxic and abstruse ideologies, they are revealing just how far they have travelled along the path of anti-democratic fundamentalism. The phenomenon that I have come to call the new radicalism – “woke plus Islamism”– has long been brewing in those ivory towers. For years, people laughed it off. Then came October 7. We know that the brains of these children have been addled by social media. According to Scott Galloway, a professor at New York University, TikTok offers “52 videos that are pro-Hamas or pro-Palestine for every one served on Israel”... one could place side by side a photograph of Nazis linking hands to keep Jews out of Vienna university – where 2,700 Jewish students and academics were expelled in 1938 – and a video of masked Columbia students blocking entry to “Zionists”. One could ask if the fanaticism was not of a piece.  We have arrived at the culmination of decades of Critical Race Theory being pumped into our young people’s brains by academics who inherited their radicalism from the Cold War. Central to the dogma is the notion that equality is a cover for white supremacy, so society must instead be structured advantageously to non-whites. That this will lead us into a perpetual state of identity warfare – a future fast becoming reality – is of no concern to these shrieking revolutionaries. That the “anti-racist” movement is a Trojan horse for the oldest hatred, revamped as Israelophobia, is now blindingly obvious. Starting on campus, our culture is eating itself. The Jews are just the first course. Or rather, the Jews plus the silent majority of decent Britons. When does modesty become cowardice? Overseas, we face an “axis of resistance” as Russia, China, Iran and authoritarian states form up together. At home, we face an axis of radicalism, with different factions devoted to race, climate change, transgenderism and Islamism rallying to the Palestinian flag. The “queers for Palestine” movement speaks volumes; this was never about real-life Palestine. It’s counter-cultural rebellion at home. But the idiocy of these people doesn’t make them less useful. Which brings me back to Gaza. Meeting with Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh last month, Iran’s supreme leader said: “We have, so far, successfully won the media and PR wars, and have managed to change public opinion across the globe. We must continue with this.” In November, Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah said: “We must salute all those who took to the street in support and solidarity with the Palestinians, from all over the world.” In Gaza, signs were held up paying tribute to campus protests."
Of course, the left keep claiming that university students lead the way in the moral arc of history

Palantir CEO says Columbia protesters should do 'exchange program' in North Korea - "The software boss took aim at Columbia students who had shut down the Ivy League campus over the past weeks to rail against Israel’s response in Gaza to the deadly Oct. 7 terror attacks by Hamas — and claimed some protesters have even praised North Korea...   “There is literally no way to explain the investment in our elite schools, and the output is a pagan religion — a pagan religion of mediocrity, and discrimination, and intolerance, and violence.”... Karp said that progressive students have bought into “an architecture of anti-discrimination while dressing in masks and excluding the population that’s been most discriminated [against] for the last 3,000 years”"
The way to explain it is you let the left wing take over and indoctrinate students for decades

Eyal Yakoby on X - "Want to see how “peaceful” protests are @penn? Watch as the campers harass a student simply walking on his own campus. Threats and flashing strobe lights were not included in the Penn Welcome Pamphlet. The bravery of this student should be applauded."

Meme - @borachang.bsky.social @Borabeet: "URGENT REQUEST PLEASE UPLIFT: If there are any restaurants in NYC that could cater DINNER TONIGHT for up to 300-400 students who have lost access to dining at Columbia, please DM! They have been organizing their own dinners all week+untenured faculty is trying to arrange meals"
Dr. Greene-Liebowitz @KimGLiebowitz: "A critical element of adulthood is considering possible outcomes and planning for them. No joke, this is a frontal lobe function - the ability to make well-considered decisions. Developing those skills requires both time/maturity and experience  Failure to plan for possible Suspension or expulsion while breaking university rules and committing crimes seems basic. Like, if you won’t have anyplace to live or anything to eat if Columbia kicks you out, maybe camping on the quad/breaking into a building is a sh*tty idea. Of course, there is the reality that nearly all these students have homes to return to, and they all have enough skills to wait tables, stock shelves, pack boxes.  They don’t need charity  They need to grow the F up  These are the predictable consequences of their actions."
Carl Irvine on X - "Also, isn’t a critical element of adulthood learning how to feed yourselves? Why do they need to be fed by restaurants? Can’t they eat KD and Ramen noodle like every other student since time immemorial?"

How the Student Pro-Palestine Movement Blew It - "It’s been three weeks since students started taking over university campuses and we can now officially call it – they’ve blown it.   Instead of being defined as young people driven by a principled stand against Palestinian suffering in Gaza, they’re now broadly defined as a bunch of entitled, whiny, immature kids who want their 21st century creature comforts but also every single political demand immediately. And also: the meal plan.   Instead of being seen as champions for free speech they’re now defined as creepy groupthinkers who robotically chant slogans and follow directives by some shadowy, far-left leaders who wear masks and spew terms from Maoist playbooks like “imperialist forces” and something something “settler-colonialists.”  Funny how a few images going viral can define a movement. This video of a Columbia doctoral student asking for “basic humanitarian aid” while standing outside the university administration building she and others had broken into, barricaded and commandeered will be a historic moment in stamping this movement as …a bunch of babies.   Student activist: “They’re obligated to pay for students who pay for a meal plan… Do you want students to die of dehydration of starvation?… It’s crazy to say because we’re on an Ivy League campus but this is, like, basic humanitarian aid we’re asking for.”   Reporter: “It seems like you’re sort of saying, ‘We want to be revolutionaries, we want to take over this building, now would you please bring us some food.”... there’s this fantastic Threads post about UCLA activists banning bananas from their encampment because one person had a severe allergy to bananas. “Participants when checking in have to confirm they don’t have any banana products on them.”   Another movement-defining image is going around Twitter of a University of Chicago list of “supply needs” at the encampment, including vital safe-sex aids among other – “HIV tests, dental dams, Plan B, Diva cup [for menstruation].” Also “Chapstik.” Implied but not stated: Mom! Please bring it quickly!... If the goals of pro-Palestine protestors range broadly in demanding divestment from Israel, the extremism is nonetheless fully exposed. Instead of drawing attention to and winning hearts and mind over a principled stand against the suffering of Palestinian people in Gaza, things have pivoted to a very different perspective.     I can palpably hear the shift in the tone of coverage on CNN and The New York Times. On CNN the anchors like Laura Coates and reporters on the scene of police arrests of students are asking how many of the protestors are students, and who are the organizers. The protests come off as a weird combination of rich, privileged Western kids and radical political organizers on behalf of a left that’s disconnected from reality... it’s a marked change from the previous days where the dominant narrative was around students calling for a cease fire, to free Palestine. The discussion veered between that topic and the question of whether the encampments had veered into antisemitism, and whether Jewish students on campus were feeling threatened by the rhetoric.   Now I’m seeing widespread pickup of a study that delves into the origins of Students for Justice in Palestine, which is organizing much of these protests nationwide, and $3 million funding that can be traced back to Hamas.   It goes to show that these movements turn on a dime.   What the internet giveth the internet taketh away. The same viral images that quickly coalesced a critical mass of hurt and angry students to take up the mantle of Gaza has flipped the script and just as quickly turned mainstream media – and I believe mainstream opinion – against them.   A quick word on bonafides. I was once a student at Columbia University. In my senior year of 1985, students took over the same Hamilton Hall, demanding that the university divest its holdings in South Africa. Students held the building for three weeks at exactly this time of year, just ahead of graduation. I covered the protest as a student journalist at the time, and also lived in the building next door, a dormitory.   The takeover was not violent, and the tone of the protest was much different. Student  protestors were vociferous in their demands for the university to divest, and people were angry on behalf of Black South Africans, who were among the protestors. But there was no hate speech. There was no violent rhetoric, at all. And, dare I say, no demands for the meal plan. Eventually the students dispersed and we all made a stand at commencement."

Kassy Akiva on X - "“Zionists don’t deserve to live.” Meet Khymani James, a leader of Columbia University’s anti-Israel Gaza Solidarity Encampment. He said this during a live-stream which included a meeting with the school over threatening social media posts. My latest:"

Yehuda Teitelbaum on X - "This might actually be the most disturbing thing I've seen since October 7th. Hundreds of @Columbia drones reminiscent of the Nazi youth, chant and surround a group of Jewish students. WHERE THE HELL IS THE ADMINISTRATION?!?!?!"
"Jews will not replace us" = bad. "Jews will not replace Palestinians" = good

Documenting Jew Hatred on Campus on X - "Pro-Hamas gathered outside of President Shafik’s home this evening. What looks like hundreds of terrorist supporters chanted and screamed at her and her family.  While we do think President Shafik needs to be replaced along with the rest of the administration and Board of Trustees, we do not support harassment or intimidation in any form, which this is. Pro-Hamas is an active threat to civilized society.  @Columbia  @BarnardCollege"

The Adults Are Still in Charge at the University of Florida - WSJ - "Higher education has for years faced a slow-burning crisis of public trust. Mob rule at some of America’s most prestigious universities in recent weeks has thrown gasoline on the fire. Pro-Hamas agitators have fought police, barricaded themselves in university buildings, shut down classes, forced commencement cancellations, and physically impeded Jewish students from attending lectures. Parents are rightly furious at the asinine entitlement of these activists and the embarrassing timidity of many college administrators. One parent put it bluntly: “Why the hell should anybody spend their money to send their kid to college?” Employers watching this fiasco are asking the same question... universities must distinguish between speech and action... The heckler gets no veto. The best arguments deserve the best counterarguments. To cherish the First Amendment rights of speech and assembly, we draw a hard line at unlawful action. Speech isn’t violence. Silence isn’t violence. Violence is violence. Just as we have an obligation to protect speech, we have an obligation to keep our students safe. Throwing fists, storming buildings, vandalizing property, spitting on cops and hijacking a university aren’t speech. Second, universities must say what they mean and then do what they say. Empty threats make everything worse. Any parent who has endured a 2-year-old’s tantrum gets this... universities make things worse with halfhearted appeals to abide by existing policies and then immediately negotiating with 20-year-old toddlers. Appeasing mobs emboldens agitators elsewhere. Moving classes online is a retreat that penalizes students and rewards protesters. Participating in live-streamed struggle sessions doesn’t promote honest, good-faith discussion. Universities need to be strong defenders of the entire community, including students in the library on the eve of an exam, and stewards of our fundamental educational mission... We’re a university, not a daycare. We don’t coddle emotions, we wrestle with ideas. Third, universities need to recommit themselves to real education. Rather than engage a wide range of ideas with curiosity and intellectual humility, many academic disciplines have capitulated to a dogmatic view of identity politics. Students are taught to divide the world into immutable categories of oppressors and oppressed, and to make sweeping judgements accordingly. With little regard for historical complexity, personal agency or individual dignity, much of what passes for sophisticated thought is quasireligious fanaticism. The results are now on full display. Students steeped in this dogma chant violent slogans like “by any means necessary.” Any? Paraglider memes have replaced Che Guevara T-shirts. But which paragliders—the savages who raped teenage girls at a concert? “From the river to the sea.” Which river? Which sea? Young men and women with little grasp of geography or history—even recent events like the Palestinians’ rejection of President Clinton’s offer of a two-state solution—wade into geopolitics with bumper-sticker slogans they don’t understand. For a lonely subset of the anxious generation, these protest camps can become a place to find a rare taste of community. This is their stage to role-play revolution. Posting about your “allergen-free” tent on the quad is a lot easier than doing real work to uplift the downtrodden. Universities have an obligation to combat this ignorance with rigorous teaching. Life-changing education explores alternatives, teaches the messiness of history, and questions every truth claim. Knowledge depends on healthy self-doubt and a humble willingness to question self-certainties. This is a complicated world because fallen humans are complicated. Universities must prepare their students for the reality beyond campus, where 330 million of their fellow citizens will disagree over important and divisive subjects. The insurrectionists who storm administration buildings, the antisemites who punch Jews, and the entitled activists who seek attention aren’t persuading anyone. Nor are they appealing to anyone’s better angels. Their tactics are naked threats to the mission of higher education. Teachers ought to be ushering students into the world of argument and persuasion... Martin Luther King Jr., America’s greatest philosopher, countered the nation’s original sin of racism by sharpening the best arguments across millennia. To win hearts, he offered hope that love could overcome injustice. King’s approach couldn’t be more different from the abhorrent violence and destruction on display across the country’s campuses. He showed us a way protest can persuade rather than intimidate. We ought to model that for our students. We do that by recommitting to the fundamentals of free speech, consequences and genuine education. Americans get this. We want to believe in the power of education as a way to elevate human dignity. It’s time for universities to do their jobs again."
Why left wingers hate Florida so much

Thread by @lawyergonerogue on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "Ladies and Gentlemen:  Meet Professor #Hatem #Bazian from UC Berkeley, the founder of Students for Justice in Palestine and also Americans for Muslims in Palestine. It is time for Hatem Bazian to become a household name for all of this damage he is causing on college campuses throughout the US.  His organizations, stemming as far back as 1993 and 2006, have many ties to Hamas terrorists and their financiers.  This is clip of a great, longer video which can be found on @canarymission website:  A lot of these speeches in the video go as far back as 2004 and 2009.  More on SJP and AMP is summarized in this thread: canarymission.org/professor/Hate…
Professor #Hatem #Bazian from UC Berkeley did not create the student organization Studetns for Justice in Palestine (SJP) or Americans for Muslim in Palestine (AMP) to engage in peaceful protests or to create our nation’s future “Palestinian Ghandi.” He believes the Palestinian Ghandis have already been deported, jailed or killed.  Notice how in this clip from 2014, he blames Israel for a “genocide” of Palestinians —— loooooong before October 2023.  Since 2014 (after this speech), the population of Gaza has doubled from approximately 600.4K to 800.6K according to .  A longer version of this speech can be found here: worldpopulationreview.com
Richardson, TX: where money to Hamas gets laundered by Professor Bazian’s prior associates: And lookie who is a director of that fund. The professor Hatem Bazian himself.
And lookie who the Muslim Legal Fund brags about defending:
1. AMP (founded by Hatem Bazian) -
2. AMP (founded by Hatem Bazian) - …
3. HLF (…)
4. Harvard Students - … pro bono representation about students facing …. “Islamophobia” on campusmlfa.org/cases/boim-v-a… mlfa.org/cases/american thenation.com/article/archiv mlfa.org/cases/islamoph
HATEM BAZIAN IS SO PROUD TO DEFEND TERRORISTS AS CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF THE MUSLIM LEGAL FUND OF AMERICA. mlfa.org/teams/ It appears UC Berkeley professor Hatem Bazian’s connections to Hamas keep growing. And yet our government has done …. nothing?  Check out this hearing of the subcommittee on counterterrorism and intelligence of the committee on homeland security in 2016 mentioning AMP and Hatem Bazian’s connections to Hamas terrorists on more than one occasion.  govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CH…Money laundering? Nah. Couldn’t be…
What does it mean to “free Palestine” in Professor Hatem Bazian’s mind? It means to dismantle, globally, all seven elements of colonization.  He is not a friend to the Western or Judeo-Christian world:"

Sacha Roytman on X - "Today I did an analysis of the home pages of @nytimes  and @WSJ  regarding their coverage of demonstrations and counter-protests on college campuses. The NYTimes accuses pro-Jewish students of violence, while the WSJ investigates the extensive preparation of pro-Hamas groups, focusing on their systematic training, financing, and indoctrination efforts over several months.  The NYTimes consistently overlooks the extensive intimidation and violence against Jewish students, who have been prevented from attending classes and feel unsupported by university administrations. It portrays Jewish self-defense as unacceptable, yet seems indifferent when these students are attacked.  In contrast, today's WSJ goes deeper, meticulously examining how propaganda campaigns on campuses have been organized, funded, and executed, detailing the messaging and tactics used to prepare and intimidate students.  In summary: The WSJ provides detailed and comprehensive journalism, while the NYTimes actively engages with narratives that support pro-Hamas demonstrators."

How the UCLA protesters 'no bagels' plea sparked an anti-Semitism row - "A list of desired donations was circulated online by protesters on Thursday, under a heading that read: “Please ensure the donations are BDS [boycott, divestment, sanctions] compliant”. It was said to have been issued by the Students for Justice in Palestine movement manning the barricades at the University of California, Los Angeles, and whoever wrote it was firm: they wanted hot food for lunch (stressing the importance of this in capital letters), and they wanted vegan and gluten-free choices. This being California, they wanted ice. And they did not, on any account, want packaged food, coffee, bananas, nuts – or bagels.   Any anti-Semitic intent behind this apparent rejection of a Jewish dietary staple was quickly denied."

Thread by @MrAndyNgo on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "The lessons learned from the 2020 BLM-Antifa riots are being used in the current CHAZ-style occupations for Palestine by far-left extremists at @Columbia, @Yale & @UMich. For example, they're using @Venmo, @gofundme, @givebutter to raise unaccountable cash donations for supplies, bail, legal support and who knows what else. Meanwhile, supporters of the occupations are expressing open support for Hamas terrorism on counter-protesters as well as on civilians in Israel. Fundraising platform @givebutter blocks me after I report about them being used frequently by far-left extremists for unaccountable campaigns. At the @UMich far-left extremist CHAZ-style occupation for Palestine, the militants are distributing extremist texts. Pamphlets and booklets serve as one of the main ways for Antifa and far-left extremists to spread propaganda, radicalize people and attract potential new recruits. The texts at the U Mich occupation call for terrorism and the destruction of America and Israel. Photos by Josh Brown. Violent extremist group @PplsCityCouncil is using @X to fundraise on @Venmo for their Palestine occupation at @USC. The same group was involved in organizing far-left riots in 2020 and has expressed a desire to help people who try to kill law enforcement. Their members have also confronted an elected politician (@kdeleon) and assaulted him. Despite their extremism, the group has not been censured by @Support. @PplsCityCouncil @X Followers of @PplsCityCouncil are urging deadly violence against law enforcement as they respond to the CHAZ-style Gaza encampment at @USC. Two associate African studies professors are defying @UTAustin's refusal to let extremists take over its campus. Ashanté Reese and Ashley Farmer are urging reinforcements to come and are raising funds for the extremists using @Venmo. As during the BLM-Antifa riots in 2020, @VenmoSupport does not require transparency from extremist groups raising cash on their platform. Atlanta far-left violent extremists are calling for an "insurrection" against the U.S. for Gaza: Four Boston officers were injured, one seriously, when they responded to the violent Gaza occupation at @EmersonCollege early on April 25:  American extremists are waving the flag of Shia Muslim terrorist group Hezbollah at their protests and occupations for Gaza, even earning notice & praise from Iran’s Supreme Leader. Since Oct. 7, we’ve also witnessed numerous other times protesters have displayed Hamas flags at their rallies. PR is tightly controlled at the pro-Gaza occupations across the U.S. Only media expected to write or make positive propaganda is allowed in and access to the occupiers. Some of the same people who organized the BLM-Antifa riots in 2020 in Portland, Ore. are now organizing the occupation at @Portland_State. Some of the Gaza encampment organizing is being done on @telegram, where messaging and directives can be tightly controlled. The militant encampment at @NorthwesternU for example, is organizing on there."

Meme - "Exchange each hostage for 100 Pro-Hamas US students.  Good for Israel 🇮🇱, good for USA 🇺🇸, good for Hamas 🇮🇷,  EDUCATIONAL FOR STUDENTS"

People Blocking Students From College Based On Race Probably On Right Side Of History Again | Babylon Bee - "According to researchers and history itself, the people who think that they should be able to attend college without resistance are the clear villains, while those who appear to be hatefully discriminating based on race are the heroes.  At publishing time, another study was released showing that groups that resort to violence and burning everything down when they don't get their way are also on the right side of history every single time."

Andy Ngô 🏳️‍🌈 on X - "The library at @Portland_State has sustained extensive damage from days of occupation by far-left extremists. They prepared improvised weapons and destroyed the fire alarms so they could smoke. They stole rare books. The violence was committed “for Gaza.”"
Why left wingers want to force people to live in big cities. Then they have taxpayer-subsidised targets and victims

Why Anti-Israel Protesters Won’t Stop Harassing Jews - "The anti-Israel demonstrations around Columbia University turned threatening and antisemitic Saturday night, as they have repeatedly across the country. On social media, you can find footage of crowds taunting Jewish students to “Go back to Poland!” and chanting, “We don’t want no Zionists here!” There is a masked protester with a sign that reads “Al-Qasam’s Next Target” with an arrow pointing at Jewish counterprotesters nearby. Al-Qassam is the military wing of Hamas. A protester screamed at Jewish students, “The 7th of October is going to be every day for you!”... the reason incidents like these occur over and over is that they are part of the ideological character of the movements that give rise to them. Dismissing this pattern as the actions of “inflammatory individuals” is to evade the question of who is inflaming them...   The main national umbrella group for campus pro-Palestinian protests is Students for Justice in Palestine. SJP takes a violent eliminationist stance toward Israel. In the wake of the October 7 terrorist attacks, it issued a celebratory statement instructing its affiliates that all Jewish Israelis are legitimate targets... SJP likewise directed its members to join the struggle directly: “This is a moment of mobilization for all Palestinians. We must act as part of this movement. All of our efforts continue the work and resistance of Palestinians on the ground.”  When you consider this kind of violent rhetoric in the context of slogans like “Globalize the Intifada,” especially when you consider the lack of authentic Israeli military targets outside of Israel, then the pattern of harassment and violence that follows from this propaganda is inevitable.   A second group that has helped organize the demonstrations at Columbia is called Within Our Lifetime... WOL, like SJP, endorses all violent attacks on Israeli Jews: “We defend the right of Palestinians as colonized people to resist the zionist occupation by any means necessary.”  More pertinently, WOL “reject[s] all collaboration and dialogue with zionist organizations” as “normalization,” which is to say it believes people anywhere in the world who wish to see a Jewish state survive in any form should not be permitted to live normal lives. If there is a theoretical distinction between this doctrine and direct advocacy of systematic harassment of mainstream Jewish people and organizations, it is paper thin. Many students were attracted to these groups because of the horrendous human toll inflicted by Israel’s counterattack in Gaza. But the groups themselves are very clearly not advocating for “peace.” They are for war. Their objection is not to human suffering but that the wrong humans are suffering.  More broadly, these groups reflect the influence of “settler-colonist” theory, a fashionable school of thought that is being taught at many institutions. (In this sense, the universities themselves are incubating the protests against their own administrations.) Settler-colonist theory is a left-wing version of blood-and-soil nationalism, positing that every ethnic group possesses an inherent attachment to certain lands and is inherently alien to others. The theory has some use in explaining European imperialism, but when applied to the Israel-Palestine conflict, it turns the Jews into a global alien subaltern class.   This ideological framework works in concert with a rhetorical approach that seeks to shrink the mental space between Gaza and the outside world, inviting activists to conceive of themselves as literal participants in the struggle. Their practice of accusing anybody who refuses to endorse their views of murder — hence the otherwise bizarre chants accusing figures like American university professors and administrators of “genocide” — reimagines any dissent from the movement’s demands as a form of literal violence.   Of course, these groups do welcome the participation of Jews in their movement, not least because it is useful in deflecting charges of antisemitism. But this does not settle the question of their relation to antisemitism any more than “Blacks for Trump” puts to rest concerns about Republican racism. A situation in which Jews can avoid exclusion and harassment through a combination of avoiding outward signs of their identity and endorsing anti-Israel groups (or at least keeping their heads down) is what Jews mean when they allege an atmosphere of antisemitism on campus. It is not that Jews cannot avoid harassment and exclusion; it is that they feel pressure to publicly renounce aspects of their culture, beliefs, and heritage... Jewish students have been forced to endure an atmosphere of eliminationist rhetoric that is consistently unable to modulate or confine its Manichean demands. The pro-Palestinian groups have chosen to embrace violent fundamentalist death cults as their allies. They have chosen to spurn compromise and coexistence. The gaping void of a humane, universalist, liberal movement to advocate for the cause of Palestinian freedom is their failure, and its fruit is the rancid antisemitism that, despite their feeble denials, has sprung up everywhere since October 7."
As usual, "this is not happening, and it's good that it is"

Hims and Hers loses $210 million in value after CEO says he is 'eager' to hire anti-Israel protesters - "Buzzy healthcare company Hims & Hers lost nearly $210 million in stock value in a single day after the company’s CEO said he and other executives were “eager” to hire anti-Israel student protesters who’ve faced disciplinary actions from their universities.  The online sexual health and pharmaceutical company plummet 8% on Friday from its opening price of $12.24 to $11.26 — just two days after Palestinian-American CEO Andrew Dudum said companies would be happy to have the protesters and encouraged them to apply to Hims and Hers...   Dudum, who founded Hims and Hers in 2017 and has family in Gaza and the West Bank, took on a markedly different tone from other CEOs who have derided or promised not hire student protesters. Palantir CEO Alex Karp blasted the protesters this week saying they should be shipped off to North Korea as part of an “exchange program” to give them perspective. “We’re gonna do an exchange program sponsored by Karp. A couple months in North Korea, nice-tasting flavored bark. See how you feel about that,” the software boss said at the invite-only Hill and Valley Forum in Washington, DC, on Wednesday, where he was the featured speaker.  Bill Ackman, head of Pershing Square Capital Management, was among first to publicly declare he wouldn’t hire students from Harvard who signed a letter allegedly blaming Israel for Hamas’ violent Oct. 7 attack."

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