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Monday, May 13, 2024

Links - 13th May 2024 (2 - Hamas Attack Oct 2023: College Campuses)

Paul Novosad on X - "Dartmouth's student government held an open "no confidence" vote on the president's handling of campus protests. It passed (no confidence) 13-2 (with 3 abstensions). Then they repeated with a secret ballot. It failed 8-9 (2 abstensions). When you hear how many people say or support something, you always have to understand the social dynamics in which these "votes" take place.  Many institutional and social structures are suppressing people's true opinions."
Bill on X - "Also props to the 2 who voted against in the first (open) ballot. If it had have gone 15-0, then the secret ballot likely would have passed… But those 2 gave permission to others to vote against in the secret ballot if they wanted to … which, it turns out, 7 or them did!!"
Donald McFarlane on X - "Leaving aside the absurdity of calling such cowards “senators”, it’s instructive to note that the very individuals who had been selected to be a public voice for their student peers were, in large part, cowed by the extremist left into hiding their true opinions from the mob.  So much for standing on principle.  These individuals who lied about their opinions in public apparently have none, or at least lack the courage of their convictions.  A sad reflection on the character of these classes."
This is why left wingers want "accountability" - they want to use the mob to intimidate everyone into enabling their agenda
Classic preference falsification

Noah Smith πŸ‡πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦ on X - "This is why secret-ballot majority-rule democracy is so much better than consensus decision-making. Consensus decision-making allows a loud aggressive minority to bully the silent majority into pretending to agree with them."

Richard Hanania on X - "The kids at the lower ranked schools are too stupid to use subtext. Here’s one at Florida International University asking for protection for “anti-Jewish” students."
The Persian Jewess on X - "Student at @FIU complains that “Anti-Jewish” protesters aren’t protected on campus. Note that she expressly said “Anti-Jewish” while reading her speech OFF A PIECE OF PAPER. When they tell you who they are, BELIEVE THEM. #AntizionismIsAntisemitism πŸŽ₯ @IsraelWarRoom"
The left are obsessed with "dog whistles", but they ignore the most obvious dog whistle in the world when we always get evidence that it is a real dog whistle

Melissa Chen on X - "Investors buying 1 out of 4 affordable single-family homes in America, driving up rents and making starter homes out of reach. Kids in college always protest the sexy faraway “liberation” causes; never the ones that affect their lives the most."

Ottawa students misspelled Palestine during encampment takeover on campus - "'That is “higher” education for you,' said Sandra Eddy. 'But I’m sure they understand all the complexities and nuances of middle east politics,' said Darryl Gerrard."

Jesse Kline: Fear and loathing on the occupied University of Toronto campus - "Upon entering the area from the north, a missing section of the fence, presumably where demonstrators breached the perimeter last Thursday, is now covered with a tarp reading, “Occupation is a Crime” — ironic for an area currently being occupied by unlawful demonstrators. That’s not how the protesters see it, of course. On the other side of the encampment is a billboard reading, “This Circle is Under Indigenous Sovereignty.” According to their logic, the entire country is built on stolen land and therefore no one — including the university on which they have erected their tent city — can claim to own property. And indeed, the southwest corner of the encampment is inhabited by a couple token Indigenous folks sitting around a “sacred” campfire — an act, it should be noted, that would get most Torontonians in trouble with the law, due to the city’s ridiculous ban on open air burning . It’s one thing for a group of naive students and professional left-wing protesters to make this argument, but it’s also being espoused by those who should know better. Last Thursday, CUPE Ontario — the union representing nearly 250,000 public-sector workers throughout the province — put a call out on social media for an “Emergency Solidarity Rally” at King’s College Circle. “Administration says they are protesting on private property, a claim we reject entirely,” wrote CUPE . “They are protesting on stolen land.” Not only is the union taking advantage of the workers who are legally bound to it by associating with a movement that openly calls for violence against Jews and that many Canadians do not support, it is attempting to undermine the very thing that keeps its members employed — the rule of law and the legitimacy of the Canadian state. If all land is stolen land and no Canadians can claim ownership over property, then everything is up for grabs. It’s total anarchy, aided and abetted by the people tasked with maintaining the institutions of state. Probably best not to call them on their contradictions, though. Entrance into what’s now known as the “People’s Circle for Palestine” is tightly controlled, with two small breaks in the fence guarded by masked demonstrators. Those entering the encampment are forced to go through an onboarding process, where they are asked if they agree with the group’s positions, including the Palestinian right to resistance and right of return. The idea is to maintain ideological conformity within the encampment and root out anyone who believes Jews have the right to live in peace and security in their indigenous lands — also known as “Zionists,” who those entering the camp were told may get violent and warned not to engage with. Asked to elaborate on the movement’s views, the young man manning the onboarding booth said, “I think our position is a one-state solution. I’m not sure.” He encouraged visitors to consult the more knowledgeable people at the “Historians 4 Palestine” tent, though it remained conspicuously empty throughout the morning. The scene was reminiscent of a video circulated on social media recently of two young women attending an anti-Israel rally at New York University. When asked why they were protesting, one admitted, “I honestly don’t know all of what NYU is doing,” and her friend said, “I wish I was more educated.” At the very least, the media relations spokeswoman at the U of T encampment knew the group is demanding the university cut ties with its Israeli counterparts and divest from companies that are “complicit in genocide.” Pressed on whether they had a list of companies they want blacklisted, she made clear she had no idea where the school’s funds were being invested. So, for now, protesters and administrators remain in a standoff. Demonstrators have already defied the university’s demand that they leave school property after 10 p.m. And rather than following through on their threat that those camping overnight could face legal consequences, administrators caved to a request to keep restrooms open throughout the evening, according to the encampment spokeswoman. This surely came as a relief to those who were busy emptying buckets from makeshift outhouse tents on Tuesday morning. Elsewhere throughout the field, people mulled about in tents advertising themselves as a “safe space” and offering peer counselling (the “Legal Support” tent appeared to be closed at the time) and sat on tarps, painting jihadi signs to adorn the camp’s perimeter. Though everyone there seemed relatively calm and easygoing — which is admittedly easy to achieve when you demand ideological conformity and forbid debate with anyone who disagrees — the camp lacked the party atmosphere of many past protest movements. Maybe it was the masked men, their faces obscured by keffiyehs, who were constantly roaming around, keeping watch on everyone. Or perhaps it was the overly violent signage that was hung throughout the site and scrawled on the side of tents. “Glory to All Martyrs,” reads one poster, in reference to Muslim terrorists who die while attacking Jews. Another proclaims, “Jews 4 Resistance By Any Means Necessary,” which is kind of like saying, “Tutsis for a Hutus-only Rwanda.” The most egregious is a sign hanging from a tree that states: “Behind Every Violent Act is a Vital Cause.”... Now our universities are left to face the wrath of the generations of ideological extremists they helped create. And still they don’t appear to be taking any responsibility for the mess they created."

Today's campus protests aren't nearly as big or violent as those last century - at least, not yet - "Radey was a 17-year-old activist during the original Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley. He says today’s students have succeeded in amplifying the Palestinian cause, but, in some cases, at the cost of civility. “We did not look on those students who had not joined the free speech movement as idiots or traitors, but as people we needed to convince,” said Radey, president of the movement’s archives. “You don’t do that by violence or with super-heated rhetoric.”... With such widespread support for Israel, Cohen says major changes at most campuses are unlikely. “This is not an American war, except the Americans are, their firepower is being used by the Israelis,” Cohen says. “It’s different when you have American troops there and you might be drafted.” Still, students like Sattler now feel a part of a larger tradition. The Baltimore native is Jewish, but has been wearing a keffiyeh scarf to the protests"
Another anti-Israel Jew

This Palestinian from Gaza has no time for campus protesters - "Hamza Howidy has one word for the students at alleged pro-Palestinian protests rocking campuses across North America: hypocrites. “I don’t see a single pro-Palestinian protester demanding Hamas surrender,” said Howidy, a Palestinian from Gaza who was twice arrested and tortured by Hamas. Article content “I think that’s part of their hypocrisy because I believe that what motivates many of them is their deep hatred for the Jews and their antisemitism.” Howidy, 27, accused protesters of being ignorant of the crimes Hamas has committed in Gaza and of the suffering and torture the de facto government inflicts on Palestinians in the region... “I was a child when Fatah was the government of Gaza, but I remember what my family used to say about Fatah and the corruption among Fatah members and that’s exactly why people elected Hamas in 2006. “So there was corruption, but the security and safety was way better than when Hamas took control of Gaza.”... “The first requirement for any job in the public sector in Gaza is to be a Hamas member, or at least a supporter. It’s either you join Hamas to benefit and get a job and get some assistance in your life or you prefer to be an independent guy who struggles almost every day. “The unemployment rate is higher than 60 per cent and the people just want to make some money so they can escape Gaza and be settled in another country because they have completely lost hope and any future in Gaza,” he said. Hamas also has a network of spies operating throughout the region to keep an eye on citizens... “No one in Gaza can speak against Hamas without being arrested and tortured. That’s why (surveys) come out of Gaza that shows the entire population are supporters for Hamas, which is completely wrong. “There are a lot of people who are opposed to Hamas and just want to overthrow them, but they are afraid of the consequences. They might be tortured, they might lose their jobs, many things.”... Howidy fled Gaza in August 2023 and is now seeking asylum in Germany. He would like to return home but for his action, Hamas has labelled him a traitor. “So as soon as they get me, they will kill me immediately,” he said. Howidy said the world, and the student protesters, need to know that Hamas is at the root of the troubles. “I left Gaza with an intention to not be silent about what’s happening, to speak out, for those who couldn’t leave Gaza.” Howidy is angry that so many protesters have failed to speak up in the past. “No one spoke when Hamas arrested all of us and tortured us — twice. None of them spoke when Hamas killed 700 Palestinians in 2006 and 2007. So I think they are motivated by their hatred of the Jews or Israel in general.”"

Bonnie Goldberg: Time for consequences at the University of Toronto anti-Israel encampment - "the University of Toronto encampment, set up on what I recognized as Kings College Circle, but I understand is now referred to as Palestine Martyr’s Circle, or some such. The encampment proudly boasts a checkpoint past which Jewish students, staff and faculty are not permitted unless they agree to commit to the encampment’s doctrinal demands. In addition to being an alum, I was a U of T administrator for 11 years. We dealt with hard things. Each time we acted. We made difficult, always unpopular decisions, but always decisions with consequences... I — and many, many of my fellow alums — watched the deadline come and go with a new set of terms. Now the encampment could stay, but it had to be “peaceful” (however that is defined) and free from discriminatory rhetoric. Lo and behold, we see that the encampment is filled with discriminatory rhetoric — but allowed to stay. Congratulations, Jews and their allies are now officially estranged from and ostracized from main U of T campus, which is proudly flying the flag of Jew hate. The longer the camp is allowed to exist, the bigger it will become, the more entrenched it will be, the more difficult it will be to restore a safe space for Jewish students, staff, faculty and their allies, and the greater likelihood that people — not just Jews — will be hurt... My friend mentioned he has attracted greater scrutiny from campus security walking on campus with his dog than the encampment has. No Jews or dogs. For Jews of a certain age, or anyone who knows their Toronto history, this has a horrifyingly familiar ring. Shame."

Meme - Judd Legum @JuddLegum: "Just a reminder that free speech does not mean there are no consequences for your speech or you get to speak and everyone else has to shut up and accept it"
Judd Legum @JuddLegum: "The "free speech" crowd is really into arresting protesters"
"Free speech" means being able to attack and assault Jews

End Wokeness on X - "Good luck to the future historians studying why a bunch of purple-haired non-binary atheists are bowing to Allah at UCLA."
Elizabeth Weiss on X - "Wokeness is about being anti-West, not about being anti-religion. I noticed this while trying to grasp why anthropologists were upset with me for challenging Native American creation myths. #OntheWarpath"
Ayaan Hirsi Ali on X - "This is bizarre but real. Hamas massacred, maimed and raped Jews by the hundreds and took others hostage while shouting Allahu-Akbar. Israel retaliated against these atrocities. And many students and faculty in America’s elite universities arrived at the conclusion that they should side with Hamas!!! Here they are now performing the Muslim prayer in public while harassing their Jewish fellow students. How did this happen? It did through a gradualist process of stealth Islamization called Dawa. Sometimes spelled Da’wa or Da’wah. Wake up to Dawa and end it."
Justice for The Falsely Accused on X - "I wonder how much of this is a result of Western youth being in a desperate need of a purpose? As an atheist myself, it's too bad though that they are replacing the old religion (Christianity) with new ones (Marxism, Islamism - where the common ground is hating everything West)."
Baked Turbo Flash on X - ""The end result of Liberalism is Orthodox Islam" was not what I was expecting"

Elica Le Bon Ψ§Ω„ΫŒΪ©Ψ§‌ Ω„ Ψ¨Ω† on X - "Let’s break down the photo of the white women praying at University of Texas.  Some say, “what’s the problem with public prayer?” This isn’t about a problem with public prayer, or a problem with prayer at all. Prayer is a beautiful spiritual practice.   What we’re witnessing, instead, is white women adopting a religion that is not native to their cultural, national, or ethnic identity. “So it’s about race?” Yes and no. As I said, Islam is not native to anybody considered “white” (a social construct that refers to people of European descent), so what do we observe from the adoption of this foreign faith?  We see the weakening of these students’ sense of identity and romanticization of foreign identities instead. This was the result of many years of being made to feel guilty for being white and shamed for “having privilege,” which led them (as it would anyone) to shirk the identity of perceived privilege by instead adopting the identity of those considered “oppressed,” which is glamorized in western leftist society. Middle Eastern people (and by extension, their religious and cultural identities) are considered “oppressed,” and thus “good.”  So what’s the problem with this? Well, the glamorization of a religion they don’t understand is a gateway to endorsing its extremism because they aren’t able to draw the lines that are understood by native practitioners. For example, there are people in Iran who lean into their Muslim identity and simultaneously condemn the Islamic Republic and religious extremism, because they have intimate experience with the boundary between their religious practice and the extremism that weaponizes religion to justify mass slaughter, torture, rape, imperialism, power, and control.  It’s neither reasonable, nor likely to expect those unfamiliar with foreign identities (much less religions) to be able to draw appropriate boundaries from personal experience and understanding, which ultimately leads to a defensive posture toward that adopted identity, including all the extremism that attaches to it.  What we need to do, instead of turning a blind eye to these obvious dangers, is to help these youth learn to love themselves again for all that they are so that they aren’t shamed into cosplaying as somebody else and inviting in a whole host of secondary problems because of their primary motivation to escape themselves.  These are the downstream effects of a culture of shame on American youth."
Woo AF on X - "It's so weird because, just last year, wasn't everything (for almost 10 years) about rainbow flags, trans-kids, queer, 2SLGBTQIA+?   And on the turn of a dime, in literally one month, these kids are, at least superficially, adopting something that goes totally against all that.   Is this merely performative, πŸ΄πŸ‘Ÿ theory come to life, or a combination of both?"

ani wilcenski on X - "Frat members at Cornell received disciplinary action for drinking Keystone Light in an open backyard tent, even though they had permits. Cornell's tent encampments are going on their second untouched week. The students have noticed:"

Normal Kids Get F*cked - "a photo of the fraternity brothers being harassed by anti-Israel protesters as they hoisted the American flag, which the protesters were attempting to replace with a Palestinian flag, took the internet by storm... UNC wasn’t the only school where the frat community rose to its defense—at Arizona State, frat boys helped the police dismantle a pro-Hamas encampment, ushering in calls to “bring back the frats” and online celebrations of Greek life as “one of the few remaining bulwarks of sanity on campus.”  But there’s a certain irony in the outpouring of appreciation for the bros. Especially at elite schools where the encampments have been most persistent, fraternities have faced university-driven witch hunts aimed at eliminating their presence on campuses. The anti-frat crusade, which features a questionable judicial process led by antagonistic university bureaucrats hired to promote DEI initiatives, is troubling enough before you consider its glaring hypocrisy in the face of the ongoing protests. Universities that now treat the smallest fraternity infractions as grounds for immediate and sometimes harsh limitation—including accidentally setting off smoke alarms with a candle to turning in party permit applications an hour late—are now, very publicly, allowing disruptive and even aggressive encampments to persist despite their deliberate violations of policy, making the school’s double standards for the application of rules and the distribution of consequences abundantly clear. It’s the latest and most visible example of a frustrating trend in campus culture, in which elite universities pander to a small minority of progressive students at the expense of the students who simply want to enjoy a normal college experience, which involves things like frat parties, university traditions, and joy, and have found their social lives increasingly restricted at every turn... At Cornell, the school uses an anonymous reporting system in which anyone can submit a complaint against a frat, even people who don’t attend the university—which can then become near-immediate grounds for a formal investigation during which the fraternity may very likely be suspended. This happened as recently as February... The frats were prohibited from all social activity during the investigation, which included banning new members from eating at the house, even though they were paying for the fraternity meal plan, and limiting events at campus apartments occupied by graduating seniors, some of whom even had to cancel their birthday parties. I talked to one senior who wrote to the university, explaining that their guidelines were making it impossible to hold even small gatherings among friends and asking for additional clarity so seniors could find approved ways to enjoy their final days as students—especially since the anti-Israel protests were making campus life notably unenjoyable. “It was frustrating because most people in our frat are Jewish, and the frat really was essential for us while there were swastikas being drawn on school sidewalks and people were yelling ‘From the river to the sea’ every day”... The school lifted his frat’s suspension nearly a month later after the university found insufficient evidence for the allegations.  This incident—and the myriad other times the school leaped to penalize even unsubstantiated infractions—is still fresh in the minds of Cornell fraternity brothers as they watch the university’s noisy Gaza encampment enter its second week, despite multiple statements from the school pointing out its many rule violations. “It’s pretty clear the school views a certain type of rule break as honorable and just, and other rule breaks as violations by entitled jerks, so this was not surprising to me,” the senior said...  AEPi was told that a high ALPHA score would help them get their brownstone back; they had a perfect ALPHA score almost every year since 2012 and were rejected every single time. Instead, the brownstones were transformed into Q House (for LGBTQ students), the Black Residential Brownstone, Casa Latina, and Indigihouse... Other Columbia alumni pointed out that the university also meddles with nonfraternity campus fun. Many former students found the persistence of the disruptive encampments especially exasperating because, as they vividly recalled, the university banned a long-standing campus tradition called Orgo Night in 2016. That annual event, in which the Columbia Marching Band would come to a main study room in the campus library the night before finals to play loudly and perform a short satirical comedy routine, had been going on for over 40 years—until, that is, students began complaining that the satire was too triggering... “I saw photos of kids in the library trying to study for finals and watching the protests through the window and immediately thought about Orgo Night being called ‘too distracting,’” said one alumnus. “Why is it only the crazy tent people who get to have their fun?”... It’s no wonder a growing number of high-achieving students are applying to Southern schools—why willingly enroll at an institution where you can receive disciplinary consequences for sipping warm Keystone Light in a frat backyard while kaffiyeh-clad students are free to call for intifada? Forget the political hypocrisy, excessive bureaucracy, and blatant administrative unfairness—all of this just makes for a campus experience that the Cornell student described as “exhausting.” It has nothing to do with supporting Israel or Palestine or protests or frats; it’s a matter of the universities equally enforcing the rules to create an environment where kids don’t need to wake up every day prepared for battle. There are likely many students on these campuses, from freshmen trying to enjoy their first sunny campus spring to graduating seniors who had their first year derailed by COVID, who are annoyed with the hijacking of their semester and would love nothing more than to go to class or attend a party without walking through NYPD officers or tent villages with Hezbollah flags... This decision should be added to the long list of things the Ivy League did at its own peril—and its students’ expense."
Without double standards, the left would have none

Thread by @lukerosiak on Thread Reader App – Thread Reader App - "Incredible. Columbia U stole the house of the Jewish fraternity+told them it would return it if the brothers took diversity lessons. They got a perfect score on the lessons, yet the university passed them over in favor of creating racially segregated housing for 'indigenous.'   This is a well-written story on a familiar paradigm: A world with strict rules intruding on every aspect of life--for rule-followers-even as large segments are fully exempt and live in completely lawlessness  Where words are violence, but playing the knockout game is nol-prossed. Many of those exempt are the Democrat party's shock troops, serving a role to destabilize society.  Yet it has the same effect on normal people, who can be rightly expected to develop a distrust of or revulsion at authority figures and have every disincentive to be respectable."
Cathy Buffaloe on X - "It’s much easier to discipline well-behaved people than to go after ppl who fight back. Do you remember during Covid when the police tossed Orthodox Jewish moms and little kids out of a park & welded the doors shut so they couldn’t go back in while the Antifa /BLM riots were going on a few blocks away?"

Meme - Drew Pavlou πŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦πŸ‡ΉπŸ‡Ό @DrewPavlou: "Black working class guy carts a 40 year old white anarchist with a 3 million dollar trust fund out of Columbia. This should go down in history as a defining image of the Columbia protests lol."

Columbia protester is heir to ad empire, has long rap sheet - "One of the most violent leaders of the Columbia University riots is allegedly a professional agitator and limousine liberal — the scion of millionaire ad execs who owns in a $3.4 million Brooklyn townhouse, has a model babymama and a stepmom dating John Cougar Mellencamp. James Carlson, aka Cody Carlson, aka Cody Tarlow, is “a longtime anarchist,” a high-ranking police source said... The provocateur, who has arrests dating back to 2005, is one of three children of prominent advertising execs Richard “Dick” Tarlow and his wife, Sandy Carlson Tarlow.  Dick Tarlow, died in 2022 at age 81 with an estate worth at least $20 million, court papers show...   He was a loyal supporter of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice and helped underwrite the school’s John Jay Justice Awards...   His rap sheet dates back to at least 2005, when he was charged in San Francisco for participating in the violent “West Coast Anti-Capitalist Mobilization and March Against the G8,” where protesters cracked a police officer’s skull, nearly killing him, and attempted to set a police cruiser ablaze, according to a City Hall source and  news reports. Carlson was charged at the time with suspicion of attempted lynching, malicious mischief, battery to a police officer, aggravated assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon and willful resistance to a police officer that results in serious bodily injury, according to the source.  The charges were dropped in 2007"

Ari Hoffman on X - "Tonight I saw N*zi Germany in the 1930s  Except it wasn't a video or a time portal. It was the University of Washington campus @UW  in the United State of America in 2024  Those who know me and listen to my show know that I hate comparing anything to those atrocities.  But this is how it began.  I saw jackbooted troops wearing armbands to identify who belonged and who didn't. They blocked access for anyone who didn't belong, especially Jews. They claimed to be "anti-fascists" but they were anything but.  I saw them assault people because they were different or who had a different opinion.  I watched them chant for genocide.  While some worked to hide what they were doing from the media, others were proud of it and basking in the attention  Then I saw members of the administration standing nearby watching all of it and doing absolutely nothing  My son was with me and he said "Dad, this is like N*zi Germany."  He was right. This is how it starts."
Keywords: Nazi Germany

Robert Inlakesh on X - "BREAKING: Pro-Israel Protesters Shoot More Fireworks Into Peaceful UCLA Encampment. One student reportedly injured & carried away. The cops allow this. So far the Israeli supporters have been assaulting women, screaming the N Word, using pepper spray & fireworks. No punishment."
Aaron Sibarium on X - "It was wrong for counterprotestors to fire rockets at peaceful campers.   But the violence didn’t start on April 30.  Jewish students at UCLA had been subjected to an illegal occupation of their land, forced to pass through checkpoints, and even assaulted by lawless settlers."
"The violence of the oppressed is different from the violence of the oppressor". Power relations means never having to say you're sorry

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