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Friday, May 01, 2009

"We live in a moment of history where change is so speeded up that we begin to see the present only when it is already disappearing." - R. D. Laing


Me: "moral intuitions" are just our prejudices
so people work backwards to justify them

MFM: actually the working backwards to justify thing comes from a trust in reduction ad absurdum

so for e.g. one takes it that if one's moral theory results in hitler being a good person, there is something wrong with that theory

I think that's an ok position actually, so long as we can agree on what is patently absurd

Me: that's one way of looking at it
well that's if you assume what humans agree on is a necessary and sufficient criterion

MFM: the problem is that for many issues people don't agree on what's absurd

Me: aiyah the pomos will always come up with some funny thing
like saying some people say genocide is okay

MFM: it may not be but we really have no better way to proceed. the alternative is to not do ethics (my choice)

it's a case of making the best of what we've got

I just can't be bothered with ethics b/c I think it's too difficult and quite likely imposisble to get around the sceptical problem

MFTTW: Free BJ today! Unfortunately there isn't one near campus...

Me: Unfortunately my time is worth more than free ice cream now, hurr hurr. And was studying French during lunch =D

MFTTW: I want the old gssq back. This one is no good.

MFTTW: u need to find a girl like ***'s mum
who enjoys sitting at home and cooking random things more than shopping

she doesn't shop
chasing girls who don't shop is cheaper on budget
just sit home and have sex

Me: ...


MFTTW [on the Public Service]: iron rice bowl leh!

Me: iron makes rice taste bad

MFTTW: er but it's good for menstruating women. ahahhaah.

Me: ..........

HWMNBN: i'm trying to download fallout 3 add-ons
which are only available in the us and uk

but my credit card won't validate after setting up us and uk accounts

i have points
but the dlc isn't available

Me: too bad
how do you want them to tie it to geography then

HWMNBN: they should releease in all 3 locations then

i don't know why asia hasn't released DLC yet
when the original DLc came out months ago

i'll ask jk if i can borrow his credit card

and they have the nerve to show the advertisement fo rthe DLC on the windows live front page even in the asian portal

fuck i'll just download the torrent
if they won't even let me pay for it...

i woudl ike to support bethesda soft for their great games
but sinec they won't support me as a consumer
they can go fuck themselves

PPBI (Princess of Peach Blossom Island): another friend has a potential girlfriend test

he'll offer to pay for movie tix

if she offers to pay back, he'll consider her
if she doesn't, he won't

Someone: sigh.. eh be my sugar papa
i need a better [internet] connection

Me: err
sorry I'm not into little boys :)

Someone: thanks anyway

MFTTW: i've never had really good food in m'sia before

cos i never know wehre to go
esp in KL

Someone: yeah i'm just kinda disturbed at your friend skinnylatte

because all along i believed in what the gay community has been saying: that sexual orientation is immutable
it's not by choice, it's just who they are, they didn't ask to be gay

that's fine by me

but it seems that what the gay community thinks isn't what the lesbian community thinks

one of the things i was told about gay men is that they would never make moves on anyone other than fellow gay men

but it seems that lesbian girls seem to think that straight girls are fair game and that they can be 'converted'

now that rings a lot of alarm bells

Me: women are more complicated than men

Someone: agreed

Me: eh
gay men don't wish cute guys were gay meh
they do lah

but somehow it's okay for them to go "I wish he were gay"
and not for guys to go "I wish [lesbian girl] were straight"
this is called heterophobia

Someone: no they wish, yes. but they won't go out and try to convert [straight] men

Me: oh active conversion
not many people actively convert lah

Someone: like i wish some gay girls were straight (not like they'd be with me lah) but i don't go out and try to convert them
or even question why they think they're gay

haha so skinnylatte is one of the rare minority?

this is impt to me because everything i've been saying in defence of the gay community hinges on this specific point: that sexual orientation is immutable and the gay community is not going to convert straight ppl

Me: haha
I dont think they are rare
but they're probably a minority

she says she doesn't try to convert people
they come to her

Someone: yeah right
like i believe straight girls would turn gay without her doing anything

Me: anyway I think immutability is irrelevant

Someone: haha that's the thing. the moment they start to convert people, i have no basis to defend them
maybe this is why i trust the gay community more than the lesbian one

Me: ><
you can defend their right to exist what

just not their right to resist conversion haha

Someone: hahahaha
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