"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Monday, May 11, 2009

Singaporeans are amazing. They can not just change L sounds to R sounds ('Don't pray pray') but also do the reverse, changing R sounds to L sounds ('Lendel')!
[PPBI: aiyar that's because r and l have the same place of articulation
the alveolar ridge
although the manner of articulation is different]

OH: "XXX knows it is very rude to do so, but cannot help but hang up on a PRC caller from an anonymous number who greets her in a formal manner."; lucky it's PRCs, or she'd be labelled racist.

"They'd chosen always the clear, safe course that leads ever downward into stagnation" - Sounds like Singapore to me

Seen in Comfort Cab - 'you are travelling with lim chin siong'. Must tell ISD!

I'm told that Greenpeace is banned in Singapore - except for the UWC campus.
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