"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

"I think Christian women are the most liberated women in the whole world. I love being under submission to my husband." - Tammy Faye Bakker



[On his relief teaching experience] Teaching is a good job for the boring and the simple-minded. Which is why women make great teachers.

We have the highest peacetime casualty rate of any airforce in the world. We love to crash our FA-18 Hornets into telephone poles in Sabah.

[On SOF] They all talk with their heads bobbing up and down and whispering

[On peer pressure] I teach this CHIJ girl. When her class cuts themselves, she cuts herself.

All girls are scheming. Point me [to] one girl who isn't scheming... We're like... Plan A. If not, Plan C... 'I just called her. I didn't do anything. She was standing in the pouring rain, I had to pick her up'. Fuck you.

My first year students, so innocent. From SCGS. Ask me - 'Why lit got so much porn?'... What is important in life? Sex and death.

[On John Dunn] I taught it for one whole year. I had a whole lot of fun.

[On Dance] The boys are more likely to succeed because they are more driven

I don't like a guy who spends so much time on his hair. [Me: You don't like guys who have better hair than you] Thanks

[Me on Oz: I've been there 6 times, and I might go a 7th this year] You've been there 6 times this year?

Is protein treatment sperms?... Yay! I'm so smart! *waves arms* (sperm)

We were saying, for the Oasis concert, the reason it was so short was they met some girls before the concert they wanted to bang.

[On cooking on exchange] I made myself fried rice one time and then I got food poisoning.

Berkeley students... They have this motivational speaker vibe... I'm idealistic. They're even worse.

MIT is damn slack... Your first year, all your modules [are] pass/fail... The best thing: you get 0 upon 100 for this module you get [a] B.

[On Greece] XXX described it as Malaysia... with Ang Mohs.

[On government tracking] There're people whose jobs is to read blogs? So fun.

[On me] Today he told me, what, he needs job stability. I asked him: 'Getting married ah?'

We asked for an intern. Me and my colleague proposed, we choose an intern with the same name as the boss.

[On email] I sent to my intern: 'Open for present'. [I put] work at the bottom.

[On Renci] The male assistant is more than a male assistant... [Me: They found porn on his computer] He was so traumatised

The COC saw me, he thought it was my second posting. Maybe I look too jaded.

[On being in public service] I realised I wasn't cut out to be a banker... There's more to life [Me: Like serving your country?]

[On public service] You're either the 马 or the 河马... MA, or High MA

There's no sacred ground. Later we'll talk about why some pple are more stuck up about opera than others.

We're so stuck up because we train so hard to get a piece of paper... If it's too easy... 'He's gone into musicals, death of a good musician'

[On the cost of staging an opera] First night, 350,000. Subsequent nights, 150,000... That's why we cant make money in the Arts. We need all of you to work hard and hold on to your jobs and give to the Arts.

Placido Domingo singing English, can die. Don't know what language it became.
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