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Sunday, May 11, 2008

"Science has proof without any certainty. Creationists have certainty without any proof." - Ashley Montague

Too bad it's not just Creationists...


"Jap Rice for 50c" - Cathay basement
I shall add this example of blatant racism to my 'Jap' post. Amazingly the Wikipedia article has not been reverted yet, so I added it in as well.

"Bouquets of non-degradable, exclusively natural materials"
This was a bit of a puzzle. How come natural materials can't degrade? They must be quite environmentally unfriendly.

Bizarre plumber - "Plumbing choke
WC! Toilet bowl water leaking? PUB bills 2 high? Call N Save $.
Hee hee. What the woman's doing in the men's toilet. 1 Size 36 red high heel shoe choke the w c but the woman missing."

Lindt 99% chocolate. It was disgusting and tasted like panadol. Even 2 friends who are crazy about chocolate aver that anything above 70-80% is disgusting.

"Exam stress collage" - the people at the benches outside the Box. It was more colourful and took up more space by the end of the exams. I don't know how they stood the double whammy of the heat and the humidity. Maybe it was why they were flirting through these papers hurr hurr.

"If e dustbin is full/overflowing, Pls take initiative and throw your trash outside. A little walk wouldn't harm, would it? A communal place is a communal responsibility - Brandom"

"What do we do if the dustbin outside is overflowing? - kimberly"

"NUS Students' Sports Club. Chairpersons of Member Clubs. WARNING: Anyone caught stealing any photos will be handed over to the police."
There're only 2 photos I'd want to steal anyway... This is almost as bad as chaining up the furniture to stop people stealing it, but not as sad as threatening police action on people who steal cans from recycling bins

[Addendum: Someone pointed out maybe the best ones have already been stolen. Assuming every subclub is represented, that's a lot that have been taken.]

"An English Tutor is need!
Wants to make a new friend?
Wants to help her a bit on her English?
Native English Speaker is a must (American English speaker preferred)
Tutor Fee: also, would like to discuss personally"
Given that when Singaporeans say 'Native English Speaker' they mean 'Ang Moh', this just sounds like a way to meet Ang Moh men. Hurr hurr.

Unextinguished flame from Sichuan steamboat at disposal point

"The house wasn’t nearly large enough for so many people, and life was extremely uncomfortable for them all. There were only two rooms in the place altogether, and there was only one bed. The bed was given to the four old grandparents because they were so old and tired. They were so tired, they never got out of it... The four old people, two at either end of the bed, propped themselves up on their pillows and
stared with anxious eyes"

Someone got Hand Foot and Mouth Disease (probably from exchanging bodily fluids with multiple children) so we sunned the stuff he lay on. The idiot went swimming but luckily they changed the pool water the next day.

They went to sun the stuff - ON THE GRASS?! We don't have European grass...

Queue on Labour Day

Queue on a Saturday

Mega BJ

Pringles - "No artificial colours". i.e. It has artificial flavourings and preservatives.

"'ORD LOH!!' 'What the'"
Library etiquette talkback corner. I forgot to note what most of the good ones said, but there's one about how NTU students should be allowed in since they have a lot of Nanyang University Library books.

"Combined Halls Post IHG Bash. The Arena. Free flow all night, free entry - Girls. Guys - $18, free flow 9-10:30pm."
Even Hall Bashes are sexist. Though as I pointed out, the guys can get the girls to get them drinks.

Necklace made from stickers

I'm a breast man, so I got an ass man, a leg man and an arm man together for:

$10 Sheares Hall supper chicken. I'm glad I didn't graduate before having this (twice!)

Not as nice when ta pao-ed for lazy people

Throwing Balls - exam stress relief. The peril of including stress balls in exam welfare packs. At least they relieve stress.

Various circus tricks performed by someone who is dearly loved and has now departed:

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