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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

"Life being what it is, one dreams of revenge." - Paul Gauguin


Someone: i think emotional/romantic relationships can be quite separate from physical relationships what.
men or women... hmm... ithink after trying both women better lah.

therein you see the problem.. you can't have real relationships with other women. they are so emotionalyl complicated.

and demanding

Someone else: (what were the pple thinking?! lipstick in an exam welfare pack??
"I need to look my best for the exam! Hey this lipstick will come in handy"

Someone: i tell people i used to read Gray's anatomy in RI library when i was free.

they ask me "huh. got book already?"

JB: you're nice?

haha i was going to say 'don't delude yourself'
but you really are

My Toy: wad does LDPVTP stands for

Me: lying deluded psychotic vindictive treacherous person

My Toy: wah

Me: see
'my toy' isn't so bad after all haha

My Toy: omg

Me: how do you know it's a girl :P

My Toy: cos u only label girls as psychotic


LDPVTP on the above: if she becomes my girlfriend i'll have the last laugh ;)

Me: wth
why would she become your girlfriend

LDPVTP: exactly.

Me: ???
non sequitur

LDPVTP: nothing is eternal.

Me: !@#$

I'd call you LDPVTIP
I for Irrational
but that doesn't add much value, considering how many women are irrational ;)

Someone: my boyfriend ordered [a stuffed toy] from ***
then when it arrived... he thought it would be fun to mail it to me again

Me: .........................

are you impressed?

Someone: eh.. it's a birthday present

i think it's a bit silly, but i'm impressed he did all that just because he thought it would impress me haha

Me: that warrants half of a "... women"

Someone: dont understand

Me: ... women
is my traditional expression of disdain

you are impressed
but you think it's a bit silly
so you get a reduced amount of disdain :P

Someone: i think under normal circumstances i would think it is very silly

but it's my boyfriend and it's kind of romantic
plus it's a great waste of money

Me: shouldn't you be upset then

Someone: but romance is dumb anyway

i dunno

i am torn between being upset and happy haha
but i decided to be happy since it's my birthday

Me: gah

Someone: you are very unromantic

i shall say that once and for all

Me: well I'm not attached
so I have the prerogative to scorn the silly things lovers do

Someone: yah go ahead

i used to do that too

i used to say i'll end up one of those grumpy old ladies in parks who throw bricks at amorous couples

Someone else: i have FOUR RI badges


Someone else: i have an RI obsessionhave the exercise book, pe shirt and badge

but only today i find
that i have FOUR badges

Me: did you hook up with an RI boy? :P

Someone else: no i did not.
RI boys make lousy bfs

Me: lol

Someone else: toooo ego

challenging to sustain conversation
not on a friendly basis of course

non-romantic convo is one of the best i've got actually

Me: hahahahaha
cos they know how to do stuff
but not how to charm women

Someone else: hahaha how true

SUG: it's not good manners to compare cup sizes with a girl
there's no comparison
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