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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Some backlog from last week:

Some SAF officer in uniform and in a SAF car made a vaguely rude gesture at me. Ooh.

"Holland Village Homemade Soya Bean", #01-13 at the renovated food centre in Holland Village is scummy. Their pictorial menu indicates a price of 60 cents for Soya Bean and Grass Jelly (Chin Chow), but when you order a cup, they charge you 80 cents. The rationale given to me, on questioning, is that 60 cents is the price for the small cup, but they have given me the bigger cup. That would be fair enough (if still faintly unethical) if the price for the bigger cup were displayed on the menu, but it isn't. This is worse than Long John Silver's "Regular or Large?" false dichotomy (the prices on the menu for their value meals are for Small drinks, and to them a "Regular" is medium).

I saw a "grafitti wall" at Popular Bras Basah, but on closer examination it was just a wall which students from NAFA had decorated. Bah. This is like our "bartop dancing".

I saw a sugarcane stall at Tangs Basement which proudly declared: "No sugar added". !@#$%^&*(). Though on the up side $1.20 was cheap for a cup of it.

There was a guy playing an out-of-tune and off-rhythm (more than is usual for solo performances on the instrument) rendition of Limbo Rock on the harmonica. In the words of my sister (referring to the famous accordian-man in the underpass): "I'd pay him to stop".
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