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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Flight to Amsterdam

For some reason there was a lot of traffic around the airport on Saturday. Maybe it was an influx of Chingay refugees, prevented from trawling Orchard Road due to the procession.

While waiting for boarding for my shuttle to KL to commence, I saw this stupid girl using the Internet in the waiting area to look at Friendster. Gah.

Sign of the times: announcements at KLIA are now made first in Malay, then in English, and finally in Mandarin. I also saw more PRCs around than in the last few times I've transited there.

I tried the free Internet at KLIA but it was hideously bad - not only was it slower than dialup, Content Advisor kept popping up when I tried to login to Hotmail, so I gave up in the end.

Despite my quip about their motto, MAS hadn't yet disappointed me. Yet, when we boarded the plane to Amsterdam, it was extremely hot, as if the air conditioning had just been turned on. A good 20 minutes or so later (Schiphol had asked us to take off later), we were still stewing in the heat. Then, someone in the cockpit started playing with the lights and power, turning them off three times (which means the air conditioning was shut down as well), and at one point we were sitting in a dark, unventilated plane for 2 whole minutes. I think they were trying to fix the air conditioning, but the least they could've done was to tell us what they were doing.

MAS served us "Morjus", which they had the cheek to bill as being "Premium Orange Juice", "made with concentrated orange juice and sugar". For me, nothing less than Florida's Natural or Tropicana (or some such) warrant the label of "premium", though in comparison to the watered-down Kordial-identical grog airlines usually serve to Economy class passengers as Orange Juice it certainly shines in comparison.
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