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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Malaysia: Truly Asia - Quelle horreur !

Following up on a past search referral, I tried to search for the "Malaysia: Truly Asia" MP3. What I found was more horrific than anything I'd imagined.

I'd heard the short 5 second "Malaysia: Truly Asia" jingle before, but on that site they had 3 versions of the "Malaysia: Truly Asia" song, each 5 minutes long and ending in the familiar jingle (2 of which I have extracted. The third might've been instrumental - I forget). 5 seconds, as in the ads, is still tolerable, even if it has overenthusiastic crooning which sounds like bathroom singing, but 5 minutes is intolerable.

Malaysia - Truly Asia (Version 1 - female soloist and ensemble) (YouSendIt), (MegaUpload)
Malaysia - Truly Asia (Version 2 - ensemble) (YouSendIt, MegaUpload)

Addendum: Here is a video which someone uploaded to YouTube

(indignant Malaysians would do well to listen to the song before dissing my very faithful transcription)


You'll love Malaysia now and forever
Different races everywhere
The soul of Asia is surely here
This beautiful Malaysia

You'll love thecolours of Malaysia
Where the sun loves to shine
On sandy bitches and clear waters
With smiles of friendly races

Diss land so beautiful
It stills your heart away
Diss land is paradise
Only a smile away

The soul of Asia
The essence of Asia
In thisland where dreams come true

Malaysia is truly Asia
People smiling everywhere
Showing you how much they care
Welcome to Malaysia

(repeat chorus and last verse twice)

The soul of Asia
The essence of Asia
It's truly Asia
Malaysia truly Asia
... Malaysia

The lyrics speak for themselves. Nonetheless, I have to comment.

The music is horribly synthesised, the singing so full of enthusiasm and soul it hurts, the pronunciation is bad and it is such a hard sell that it hits you with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The most tragic bit is that it's not bad enough to be good (a la William Hung), but just mediocre.

My brother in law points out that this is the sort of phase Singapore went through in the 70s.
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