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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"I forget who it was who remarked: 'Of course we must be open-minded, but not so open-minded that our brains drop out.'" - Richard Dawkins


The latest update to my homepage has brought my quote total to 9,719. Hurrah!

I went to Candy Empire at Millenia Walk to look for Kettle chips, but the only flavour they stocked was Kettle Sensations - Spicy Indian Masala, and Lime and Ginger or something was out of stalked stock. Damn. No Herb and Spice or Honey Baked Ham!

Tym brought me to "No. 1 Costumes Costumes" to look for a Wo-hen costume, but I didn't manage to find anything suitable. His style is very unique - you can't just be obiang, you need to be a particular flavour of obiang. And I didn't see any mullet wigs either.


parkaboy blogs about and archives a parody letter ("Sydney 'race riots' actually attacks on criminals") sent by the "Australian Union of Students" to the Straits Times Forum. Not surprisingly, it was published, despite such choice lines:

Australian state governments, which run the police, have cut the number of police patrol officers, and have instructed them not to respond immediately to crimes like they used to do. Also, patrol officers have been instructed not to prosecute criminals unless they see the crime taking place, which they never do since they generally turn up two hours later...

Most criminals in Australia are from ethnic minority groups, mainly the Irish 25 per cent of the population. This is hardly surprising since these groups send their children to schools which actively encourage crime.

For example, at Irish Catholic schools in Australia they teach: 'Which is better, for your family to die of starvation, or to steal a loaf of bread? Obviously, to steal a loaf of bread.'

In contrast, at government schools in Singapore, you teach that it is better for your family to die of starvation than to steal anything.

Irish-Australians are behind the push for the introduction of so-called 'human rights' into South-east Asia. Asians call these so-called rights 'Western values'. In fact they are Irish values, and most Australians reject them. The ideas Asean leaders call 'Asian values' are supported by the vast majority of Australians.

After reading "Skydiving is too risky for S'poreans", I have stopped being surprised at what trash the ST Forum will publish.

Some attribute this to the "editors [being] constitutionally incapable of detecting irony", but more likely, it is because whoever edits the letters to the Straits Times, like me after reading "Chee out to undermine Singapore", has stopped being surprised at what nonsense unthinking lappers-up of the Propagandistic line are capable of turning up.

After all, there were Western left-wing intellectuals who idealised and propounded
Communism as practised in the USSR and China even when Stalin and Mao were killing everyone.
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