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Sunday, December 11, 2005

I aver that Kettle brand (Australian, not American) Herb and Spice flavour potato chips must be one of the best flavours ever.

First you admire the texture of the chip - it's surface is rough with bumps, unlike the unnaturally smooth surface of most potato chips. Being cooked in sunflower oil lends it a quality which an inferior Malaysian potato chip, casually fried in palm olein, is unable to match.

When you bite into it, you hear the Kettle crunch - loud, deep and sonorous, complementing the chip's body and crispness.

And then the Herb and Spice flavour comes into play. Unlike some potato chip flavours it is complex, not hitting the pallete all at once. One could describe it as Salt and Vinegar, but that would be doing it a grave injustice, for not even Kettle's own Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar can compare.

Damn, I should set up a business parallel importing it into singapore.

"Kettle chips only use the best Australian grown potatoes. We wash them, slice and slowly cook them in sunflower oil the authentic way to give them a deliciously tasty crunch.

Kettle Chips have the besst flavours, as they contain no artificial flavours, or colours.

There is no science in cooking Kettle chips, just skill, experience and a passion for our craft. Discover the Kettle difference for yourself." (Emphasis original)

[Addendum: A source informs me that Candy Empire, Millennia Walk has Australian Kettle Chips, Red Rock Deli Chips and Australian Tim Tams.

I love globalisation!]
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