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Saturday, November 10, 2001

My 3 year old monitor finally gave up the ghost Friday morning, after past troubles with the power button, and a refusal to turn off after specified intervals. The following was written in Graffiti. Consequently, among other things, gs and qs might be mixed up.

This morning, I saw 'He With Curly Hair, Who Would Look Better If He Shaved His Moustache'. He's one of those few Asians who have curly hair - as rare as Africans who have straight hair. He looks a bit mousy, and I do think he'd look better if he shaved it. I've actually contemplated going to him and telling him that, but apparently he's quite attached to it, and Wang Shuo says, "he's very violent". Ah well. I wonder if I'll see him after this year (just like The Person Who Eats 2 Eggs Every Morning).

Chin Yung was looking at a photo book before GP!. On one page, there was a photo of him and another guy with one very obvious Flesh Parader, and 2 others who were less so. Naturally, I identified their ECA immediately. There was also a photo of him with this known-A03er, but I'd not known she was in Flesh Parade too. I wonder what proportion of A03's in Flesh Parade.

Example of the weird stories coming out of Ma-laysia (and the weird logic of some Malaysians):
a recent study by the Institute of Urology here suggests that men in Perlis may actually be in need of the drug [Viagra]. The study found that the number of middle-aged men who were impotent was above the national average. This has greatly upset the Perlis Mentri Besar, Datuk Seri Shahidan Kassim, who has spent the past three days vigorously defending the virility of men from his state. 'We have among the highest number of men practising polygamy. If you have more than one wife you cannot be impotent,' he said.

I didn't come up with much weird stuff today during GP. During the prelims, my sentences irritated the marker (Mrs Dayna Chia) so much, she wrote comments on my script. The weirdest sentence I managed today was 'foresight', about having the foresight not to build my bungalow at the Three Gorges in China, for fear of a flooded wine cellar. I'm rather put out at myself. Maybe I'll post some of my better sentences in the future. Julian reminded me of the time when Chinx, me and him all did themed sentences, pissing Mrs Chan off. Heh.

This girl was reading a book of quotations before the exam. (...)

Grr, the Compre was hard (though the passage was amusing, being written funnily). When in doubt, it is always good to use 'African tribes' for examples, as their customs vary so much that anything you write about them is probably true. Like half the world did the computers, mobile phones and communications. And probably the other half (S03 students or the essay memorisers) did cloning. I did one of my (many) pet topics - "Is the idea of having one partner for life still realistic?'. Not too well done, though. Ugh.

Act Cute had a weird expression on her face, and the way she picked her fingers was funny.

Something about the aforementioned expatriate's speech reminded me of an Air Steward. Hrm.

For some reason, people were amused when, when asked by the invigilator to crush my piece(s) of used paper, I tore one sheet in half. I wonder why.

Blank faced girl's understudy had an expression on her face today! Maybe it was due to her splashing her top when in the toilet. Tong likes to dry her hands on her skirt. Guys do dry them on their pants too, but fortunately for us, wet purple sackcloth (or white cotton) is less obvious than wet green cotton.

Someone on the busker: He's not blind or crippled. Me: He's not even pretending to be blind or crippled. I tried pacing the underpass today, and found an approximately right pace. Now to wait for him to show up. My estimate is next Friday, after Physics. He likes to come in the afternoons.

Apparently they have mo4 xie3 in the THE Chinese High School school. So much for Chinese being a living language (and in a SAP school too). If you get it wrong, you get whacked with a wooden spoon! Talk about Communist. (Xephyris says he cheated by writing on the table in pencil. Dewious (sic).)

I saw a Malay girl reading "Chicken Soup for the Single's Soul". The whole thing has gone from stupid to ridiculous. There are editions for the Pet Lover's Soul, the Golfer's Soul ("Oh no! I didn't score a hole in one. My hole in one insurance was wasted", or, I drove it into a lake. Grr.), and who knows what else. I hope David Fisher will come out with "Chicken Shit for the Soul 3" soon (I much prefer the original title of the first - Chicken Poop for the Soul. Nicer ring).

There were some PJ girls on the train today, but they were downwind from Kai leung, Minrui and I. Minrui pointed out that there was one behind us, but she was sitting down, so we weren't caught in the downdraft.

Hehe. Yaoi Girl was scandalised to find out what 'bukkake' is. Perhaps that will enliven the dull week ahead (one paper in the week? Argh, so lucky!). The only reason *I* know is that in my Morpheus searches, I found the term and asked Xephyris. Maybe I'll ask Minrui on Monday.

I need a new stylus. The top of the present one's loose. Hell, I'd like a Clie PEG-N760C. *Drool*.

Aha. I now have a Samsung SyncMaster 151s 15" Multi Function TFT LCD Monitor.

The National Library Board is too rich - see how many LCDs they have.
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