"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Anonymous comments (from the same person):

the bastard at the Orchard MRT underpass has been there for *years*
i remember passing him in sec 2 [NB: The writer is 22 this year, 2001] before he could afford an accordion and was singing
clearly the busker has had capital upgrades over the years.

SCGS has the most indecent girls in singapore bar none
although the SJC [St Joseph's Convent] lesbians come close

mycoommend then [that singaporean webpages are either mindless or angsty] is even more true now
notice theyall use the lame diary/wannabe journal/nihliistic pastel colours/small fonts/obscure phrases rather than compelte sentences/obscure, wannabe-lietrary titlature.. etc etc.
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