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Wednesday, November 07, 2001

This is disgusting. There are 6 Bubble Tea outlets in the Ghim Moh area, 2 around the unfortunately named 'GM Food Centre'.

Saw a Raffles Guy. There was this ACJC guy around her. Andrew Gan claimed that they were siblings, but maybe not. Eheh. And both of them had collars lined blue on the inside (ACJC shirt, and the newer RGS PE-Shirt, which is disgusting like the older RGS PE Shirt, but in a different way.

This one looks plain uncomfortable, with rough-looking fabric [and apparently feels uncomfortable too]. And a collar on a PE shirt??? But the old one was disgusting because the collar became loose after a few washes [flopping around when worn, exposing their invariably black or grey coloured sports bras] and the material became transparent. *shudder* Disgusting. Almost as bad as Unspeakable Sights.)

And more people who hiked their skirts improperly! One plump ACJC girl. The last time I saw one so obvious, it was this Indian CJC girl at Shaw House, whose skirt was maybe 1/3 shorter at the back than the front. This one wasn't so bad though.

ACJC friend (in A03 equivalent combi!) on AC girls:

Most AC girls brag about doing it. [Ed: From Melvin's descriptions, I'm not surprised. But then Melvin has his weird ideas, which are sometimes even more mind boggling than mine]

Most try to be wild. [Ed: From their reputation... Which JC now holds the 'highest abortion rate in Singapore' title now? Started off as CJC. Not so sure about now.]

Most tuck more than half of the socks into their shoes so that they'd look like ankle socks. [Ed: I'd think they'd be 'hot' enough to get proper Hot Socks!]

Most fold their skirts up so that it'll look short. [Ed: Explains why the longest skirt in ACJC is 3 cm above the knee. But why don't they just hike the damn things up? Or are they afraid of hiking the back too high?]

Most desperately try to straighten their hair. [Ed: Asian hair's already quite straight. Adela is the only one I know of with curly hair, IIRC]

Most are just plain stupid. [Ed: Don't know very many ACJC girls myself. 2-3]

They know how to dress :) [Ed: I wouldn't know an ACJC girl if she was out of her Uniform, would I? So no comment.]
and they know how to carry themselves. [Ed: With that walk?]

aesthetically, they're a good catch.
most of them anyway. [Ed: Well.]

they're just not as full as angst and they don't make the time to sit around and brood long enough to be labelled "deep" people. [Ed: Hurrah. Sitting around brooding like Tim The Great used to do is bad for health and happiness]
they're mostly the out-going sort of fun-loving folks. [Ed: Figures]

I sent her my description of A03 people, and apparently it applies to all ACJC girls. Woah. ACJC A03 must be really *really* intensely *like that* then.
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