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Saturday, January 06, 2007

"Orthodox medicine has not found an answer to your complaint. However, luckily for you, I happen to be a quack." - Richter cartoon caption


Me: women show affection for same sex friends by edifying them and buyign them presents

men show affection for same sex friends by insulting them and physically tormenting them

Someone: ahahahaha
i treat most girls like the latter anyway

well for some reason the above two rules switch vis-a-vis women

women perceive affection from teh opposite sex if they get insulted and physicalyl tormented

men show affection for teh opposite sex by edifying them and byuing them presents

Me: haha
I wasn't quite thinking of the first

Someone: 'tis true

oh no you must show them complete disdain for their womanhood
then they'll want to "work" for you

serously, they dun wanna be treated liek equals! i tried!!
atleast, not by potential fuck buddies

Someone else: "men show affection for same sex friends by insulting them and physically tormenting them" - if i'm ever going to have to review jackass2, that's going to be my report­
if you don't mind

Someone (2): hahah
­same goes for men--show contempt for their capabilities then they'll hold women in great respect

Someone else (2): i had a friend, non local who flung herself at an abusive boyfriend
and i told her to leave him cos he's just in it for the sex

she got me into the same conversation window as him
tells me that he's a nice guy
though he keeps saying that girls like to be treated like dirt, roughed up, told what to do

she was in the same conversation window as that guy told me that
and she 'nodded'

and when he dumped her
she was devastated etc. saying how he liked her so much etc.
and i just didnt' have to heart to say i told you so

seriously sometimes girls are just dumb
and bastards get all the luck


There's a saying that people deserve the governments they get. Maybe women deserve the men that they get. It doesn't apply the other way around, since when men get their hearts broken no one cares about them.

Cock: certainly women who live in developed countries and are not handicapped by economic status or physical disability do.

oh yar we should also add "literacy" to the list.

it's the most accurate statement what.
for that reason we can have zero sympathies for singaporean women who choose crappy men.

Someone who's gotten a lot of bad men: it is true
women are masochistic creatures sia

Addendum: It is important to note that there is a distinction between what I say and what I quote people as saying.

For example, just because I quoted the Council of Trent does not mean that I think Divine Genocide is justifiable.
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