"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

"I never took hallucinogenic drugs because I never wanted my consciousness expanded one unnecessary iota." - Fran Lebowitz


GEK1027: Uses & Abuses of Literature

Description: This module aims to examine (1) who decides what is/n't counted as literature (2) what the different uses and effects of literature are (3) how the valuation of works of literature changes over time, and from place to place (4) the belief that `true' literature: expresses eternal and universal truths; employs language uniquely-imaginatively and creatively-and in ways that are superior to utilitarian usage as well as communicate simultaneously at rational and intuitive levels, in ways that develop both intellectual and emotional forms of intelligence both reflects and beneficially shapes human society


Description of a FF extension: "This may or may not work on Mac OS X; buy me a Mac and I'll ensure that it does."

Book seen: "What would Buddha do at work". Wth.

I'm told that in the 70s, Singapore was like Europe - the second floor was the first floor, the third the second and so on. And then we changed to the American system. Cultural imperialism at its finest!

Someone was complaining to me, about a Christmas play, that the "breast beating, and i'm-not-worthiness" were irritating. People are curious why I find Christianity morally repugnant. Well, this is one reason why: it devalues humanity, and in favour of a cosmic madman and mass murderer, no less. In any case, one sympton of Stockholm Syndrome is a feeling of worthlessness.


Someone: but at the end of it, it's a big mess, and im not sure what to make of it
for example if i meet my bible study teacher again now, i don't really know what to follow-up

Me: heh
that's why you need to bring me :P

Someone: bring you?
that's utter suicide
i don't know whether if they want me in church any more

Frigid Girl on Pamela Anderson in Borat: i didn't know she could act all that well


Frigid Girl: she is? didn't know that =p

Me: would you say your attitude to the Welsh seems to parallel what you think my attitude to women is?

Someone: what "attitude to the Welsh"?

Me: cursing them :P

Someone: haha

i'm joking

you're actually sexist :P

Me: hey!
bloody hell

Someone: actually, i've seen both very fervent woman and man religious nuts

the only difference being the woman tries to covnert you
the man knows better
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