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Monday, May 09, 2005

"Devotees of grammatical studies have not been distinguished for any very remarkable felicities of expression." - Amos Bronson Alcott


The bell tolls:


I recognize and accept that a number of statements that I made on my on-line journal “Caustic Soda”, in particular the blog post of 3 March 2005, were defamatory of A*STAR, its Chairman, Mr. Philip Yeo and its executive officers.

I admit and acknowledge that these statements are false and completely without any foundation.

I unreservedly apologize to A*STAR, its Chairman Mr. Philip Yeo, and its executive officers for the distress and embarrassment caused to them by these statements.

I undertake not to repeat the statements, or make further statements of the same or similar effect in this or any other forum or media. I further undertake to remove any such posting anywhere that has not been deleted.

“Caustic Soda”? I thought the name of the site was “caustic.soda”. Hmm.

kimochi d'aemii has a picture showing how to upgrade the apology from an "A" to an "A*".

Has nothing changed since 1997? Or is this but an aberration, a momentary blip in our progression to a more open/creative/tolerant/blah blah society?

Young Republic:

">Thanks. If that is indeed the case, A*STAR's grouse sounds weak and petty.
>The developments in the controversy are really picking up. It is all over
>the blogs. My guess is that A*STAR is perhaps trying to wear our everybody
>and make AcidFlask's supporters lose interest and steam eventually.

So what if it's all over the blogs? How does one more complaint online saying how you also don't like A*STAR now help AcidFlask?

What the man needs is money. And a good lawyer. How are any of the bloggers helping in that respect?

Because if Blogosphere doesn't take concerted action against A*STAR to fight them in the real world, the government agencies will henceforth proceed to pick off every other blog one at a time simply because they are assured that the community is too fragmented and selfish to extend anything more than a note of complaint to some other friend's blog.

As for my position; I'm not a lawyer yet, and I don't know the man personally, but if requested I would be more than willing to assist in whatever legal defences that might be needed.

They do not believe in mercy and they shall grant no quarter, save that of total subservience and submission. Remember that."


Tim sent me some songs from the Ocean's Twelve soundtrack besides the one that sounds like retards banging in a room, and many of them sound quite sleazy. Which must be why he likes them.

I saw a balding man who'd shaved his head (if a pedant out there asks how I knew he was balding if he'd shaved his head, I could see that some of his follicles were not producing hair anymore) and had a sudden urge to rub it. Maybe I should add this to my list of fetishes.


Roofinex (unconsciousafil) tablets - It's only illegal if she remembers

"Guy: I used to have a problem. I couldn't even get girls to notice me. But then, my uncle told me about Roofinex.

Now, girls don't have to notice me. Roofinex changed my life. I have confidence and my performance rate is nearly a 100% - except for a few close calls.

Girl: Where am I?

Guy: Have some more punch.
No one's perfect.

Voiceover: Men everywhere are getting some with Roofinex. Now, your night doesn't have to stop with: 'Eugh, get away' and 'Leave me alone, you creep.'

Girl: Roofinex attacks my brain, knocking me out for a full 8 hours. With no memory, there's no guilt. Roofinex changed my life."


Teacher fired for making students vomit loses appeal - "A teacher who encouraged students to drink milk until they vomited as a classroom experiment has lost another attempt to win back his job... Ferguson carried out the experiment in November 2003 with 38 students from two honors chemistry classes. He has said that it was designed to let students test the body's ability to neutralize the acids in milk. Thirteen students threw up."

GUESS - Red Jacket!!!

Chinese Watermelon Art/Sculpture


Apparently Science and Law students get their readings zapped for them, unlike us poor Arts students, who have to scurry to the Central Library to zap them, which is why the photocopying room on Level 4 is always teeming with activity, and you can smell what is probably ozone in the air there. Oh, and the latter get them for free, so they get even more value for their school fees than the good student:staff ratio would imply. Wah.


Why don't you make a pack of poker cards with Wo-hen Nankan? Then you can play.
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