"I love your "Malaysian Accent", can you say it again?"

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Saturday, May 14, 2005

"The creationists have this creator who is evil, who is small-minded, who is malevolent, and who is not very bright and can't even get his science right. Creationists have made their creator in their own image, in my view." - Ian Plimer

Random Playlist Song: Bartok - Romanian Folk Dances 4 - Song Of The Mountain Horn

There's only so much even Bartok can do to ruin a folk tune.


I fear that when I return from New York there will be no more jobs left, so I will have to resort to sweeping the streets.


Someone: anyway, i think the fact that fairy tales ruin girls may be largely due to bowdlerization and Disneyfication... ever since I was a kid I was already wondering why the Disney versions avoided all the sad endings...when in fact it was the sad endings I like...I was a really morbid kid...I used my stuffed toys to hold candlelight vigils for the Little Match Girl...

Said person was also surprised that I'd read Oscar Wilde's "The Happy Prince", "The Birthday of the Infanta" and "The Nightingale and the Rose" (though I didn't realise it was Wilde who wrote them, or recognise the titles either, it having been a long time since I'd read them).

Just because I don't look for meaning where none exists doesn't mean I don't or can't enjoy literary works!

Someone else: i love the quiz

Me: which one?
there're so many

Someone else: er
the moral thingie

Me: cheh
I thought it was the "what brand of sanitary pad are you"

Someone else: lol got that one meh? where where? i wanna take!

Me: haha
don't have
but there's a tampon one

You're quite the popular one aren't ya? You're
o.b.! INDEED.

<<What Brand of Tampon Are You?{w/ pics}>>
brought to you by Quizilla


Enche Marketing Sdn Bhd

"In line with our expansion to foreign countries, we seek for individuals who are very original, innovative, resourceful in finding solutions, and able to work creatively within the areas that they are assigned to:

(Selangor - Shah Alam)


We are on the hunt for someone to blog about current affairs and sensational issues, whether in relation to politics, social issues, economic affairs etc. You must have at least 6 months experience blogging. You must have IT or technology interest, know-how and experience with fantastic research capabilities and ability to source for issues to blog about."


More cryptic messages:

Sender's email: ***@***.***

Subject: Not for you..

Message: One screwed up fool
finds many friends.
seeks to impress those
already with the bends.



mollymeek: An Educational Entry

"Molly had previously praised the idea of using The Straits Times for educational purposes. Indeed, Molly learns a lot from the paper and Molly believes that she should not be as selfish as to keep her knowledge to herself.

Not long ago, Molly was appealing to the CNA to use simpler English and Molly is glad that the ST’s Chua Mui Hoong is setting a good example for the CNA to follow (refer to the article, “Want political change? Go beyond words”), especially with the Speak Good English Campaign around...

What is a reasonable position? Look at Chua’s well-crafted remark: “We remain in our cosy corners—in the media, in academia, in the arts—and grumble.” Notice the hint that academics “grumble”—see how a boring word like “discourse” is avoided. More importantly, notice the term “cosy corners.” The word “corners” effectively conveys the meaning of the word “marginalization” (for Molly knows that corners occur only at the margins) without taking up the radical and unreasonable connotation the word “marginalization” has. The word “cosy” is equally well chosen and very insightful at the same time. There are radical people who claim that people who grumble in the media or in the arts often do so in fear. There are also people who claim that local artists are often too poor and lack funding. However, the word “cosy” debunks these radical ideas. Hence, the statement is reasonable.

Students, when you begin writing with the finesse and subtlety of Chua, you will get a distinction for this course.

Remember: it is important to be reasonable because we live in a conservative society."

Heh heh. I almost miss reading the ST.


Public Service Announcement from Charlotte:

"Anyone remember the little Indian woman at the corner traffic light at Mandrin Hotel, opposite Hereen? The one which comes up to you and tries to sell you little packets of tissue paper so that she can pay for her cancer operation? Yeps. Her.

Charlotte noticed her at Bukit Merah Central today, at the staircase behind Brinda's (we provide greased Indian cuisine!). Looks like the Little Tissue Paper Woman was a regular at that area. In about an hour, she had gone through about half a pack of cigarettes. Now you know where the money she earns from selling those tissue paper goes to. To fund the cancer operation which she will sooner, or later, have to take, whether or not she has cancer now."


"I do think that it's so much better to be a guy than a gal, at least when it comes to shopping for working attire.

It's just so easy for guys, just a standard shirt and pants. That's it. Ok, and probably a need to ensure that the colours don't clash.

For ladies, we've to decide whether we want to wear skirt, pants or dress. As for the top, should it be just a simple top, a blouse, or a shirt. Then, we have to decide if we need to throw in a blazers or a cardigan to look smarter. After that, we have to make sure that the top and the bottom matches, and whether we need to throw in an accessory here and a belt there. Next, it will be the shoes. How high the heels should be, should the shoes be platform shoes or court shoes etc."



Dance, White Boy, Dance - "Just about everyday... I walk into this room and catch my roommate dancing to some retarded song. So I thought I'd try to catch him on camera... If you get to see it, it's gonna be hilarious."
I am informed that the songs he dances to are "everybody dance now by c&c music factory" and "in da club by 50 cent"

First Annual National Brain Conference - Does the College Experience Damage Your Brain? - "poor diet, binge drinking, sleep deprivation, and substance abuse are facts of life at nearly all of America’s colleges and universities. Recent brain research documents how the college experience can take a terrible toll on a student’s brain—and what can be done to reverse this damage and develop the total potential of the brain."
Ah, thankfully we are immune from such Western Decadence in the Premier Institution of Social Engineering!
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