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Sunday, March 27, 2005

"When a man tells you that he got rich through hard work, ask him: 'Whose?'" - Don Marquis


I just came back from a buffet dinner at a HDB void deck. No, I wasn't attending a Malay Wedding or a Chinese Funeral, but a ORD party during which we got Vincent so intoxicated that he puked (pity).

I think I've found one of the last non-Halal catering services in Singapore, so I no longer have to set up my own in future!

Meng Hiang Catering

Blk 15 Woodlands Loop #02-53
Woodlands Ind. Estate Singapore 738322

Tel: 6756 2833 / 6756 1450 Fax: 6756 7499

website: http://www.menghiang.com/


need boob job

You, Like, So Need a Boob Job

While you think your breasts are cute and perky,
a couple of hard grapefruits would be an improvement.
Who knows? Maybe if you ho yourself out to Howard Stern
you'll get some breast implants for free!

Do *You* Need a Boob Job? Click Here to Find Out!
More Great Quizzes from Quiz Diva


Schiavo parents claim daughter has tried to tell of desire to live

"At that point Mrs Schiavo made the first two vowel sounds of the sentence "Ahh Wuhh", said the motion, adding that Mrs Schiavo was unable to finish the sentence and then became very anxious.

Most medical experts say that the noises Mrs Schiavo occasionally makes are nothing more than unconscious groans and that she is not aware of her surroundings. Others have said that if Mrs Schiavo did indeed say the words "I want", she could just as easily have been trying to say, "I want to die"."

Hahahahaha. I never quite thought of it that way.

Terri Schiavo Status

"We all want to keep up with the status of Terri Schiavo, right? Well, now you can with this Terri Schiavo Status Firefox Extension!

Usage: Just click the link below, and install the extension. When you restart Firefox, look at the status bar at the bottom of the Firefox window!"


I saw a woman reading a booklet: "Why do Christians get sick?"

I can envision a whole series of such books:

- Why don't many Christians get rich?
- Why do Christians die?
- Why do some Christians bomb abortion clinics?
- Why do many Christians deny Evolution?
- Why do Christians de-convert?


Top 10 Vestigial Organs

10) The Wings on Flightless Birds
9) Hind Leg Bones in Whales
8) Erector Pili and Body Hair (We don't need to - and more importantly can't - scare off predators by making ourselves look bigger anymore)
7) The Human Tailbone (Coccyx) - more evidence that we used to have tails
6) The Blind Fish Astyanax Mexicanus
5) Wisdom teeth in humans (I'm not sure that this fits the definition of a vestigial organ though)
4) The Sexual Organs of Dandelions (Dandelions reproduce asexually)
3) Fake Sex in Virgin Whiptail Lizards (Vestigial Behavior) - The parthenogenic lizards sometimes act as males and try to mount another female
2) Male Breast Tissue and Nipples (I'm not sure that this fits the definition of a vestigial organ either)
1) The Human Appendix


Techno Prince adds:

- pelvic bones and "spurs" in primitive snakes
- the plantaris muscle in the human calf. In our primate relatives it flexes the toes and is useful for gripping branches. But in us it may be atrophied or even absent, and disappears into the Achilles tendon.
- the huge roots of our canines. Even though our canines are much smaller compared to other primates, the roots are still huge.]


The Normal Technical stream in Yishun Town Secondary School has a Dean. Now the concept of a Chicken Executive Officer in KFC doesn't sound quite so ridiculous.

What an age we live in, where we have Bus 'Captains' and Walmart has "Associates" whom they screw anyway despite their fancy title.

"If you call a tail a leg, how many legs has a dog? Five? No, calling a tail a leg don't make it a leg." - Abraham Lincoln

I seem now to have 3 hair lengths - one of my fringe, one of my side and one of my back - so it looks quite weird.

A source informs me that when she was in Secondary 2 (1998), Nan Hua Secondary also had ridiculous rules for girls' hair. Someone should do a comprehensive study on this kind of thing.

I wonder if slaves in the SAF with PhD are allowed to add the "Dr" honorific to their name. For example, CPT (Dr) He Ruimin. Dentists can do that, I know.

Unlike most people, it seems listening to music breaks my concentration, so I can't listen to it when doing hardcore work.

Putting crisps that have lost their crispness in the fridge for a few hours seems to restore much of their crispness. Must be the dry air. But when I take them out of the fridge they lose most of their restored vitality. Damn.

I doubt the pronunciation of Evolution as "Evil'lution" helps its image in some circles. Maybe they should adopt the other pronunciation.


Oddly, the Ridge's (NUSSU's official magazine) Feb/March issue had another article about fee hikes, even though that topic is stale and uninteresting. And interestingly, their article sounded like the writer had read the one I wrote. Hmm.

I was surprised that even Political Science has a statistics module. This confirms my theory that all the social sciences involve mathematics and statistics to some degree. So those who are really hopeless at it should go do humanities.

Apparently an Oxford Graduate has a vocabulary of 3000 words, and Shakespeare 5000 (according to an English major, anyway).
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