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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Word of the day: "rodomontadic."

Another weekend wasted at work. And it transpires that the proxy server now blocks out this blog AND www.blogger.com. The indignity! Ah well, I guess this means that my blogging activity will be severely curtailed from now on. Today was quite unpleasant; had to stay in until 4pm when everyone had left by noon. Month-end reporting duties; as well as catching up with all the shit I'd been malingering off over the weekdays. I realised ironically that I'd have been better off doing all that work during the working days as opposed to delaying it until the weekend; but oddly enough I'm really more productive on a Saturday when no one else is around. I have a feeling it's to do with the attire; I was wearing a t-shirt and slacks, as opposed to the usual stifling office shirt and tie.

I realise I still have yet to finish my long-winded chronology, two weeks after the events transpired. I'm hurrying as fast as I can, because a lot of interesting things happened on Sunday, but I keep procrastinating and stoning at home/work. And now, it seems I will have to type in Notepad or Word at work before mailing it home to post. Irritating, but maybe it'll breed better proof-reading habits.

In the meantime, comments squared. (Comments on the comments)

a) Someone should compile a page of blogs rated by pretension. Criterion would include amount of Javascript, number of different hues, numbers of frames, length of journal entry titles, and angst-o-meter.

b) Mozilla has slow load times, compared to Internet Explorer. And besides, I prefer functional; AND being able to use enter key after entering passwords into forms instead of having to use tab or click on "enter" buttons.

c) I'm actually quite irritated at the amount of detail I miss out in my blogs. But then again, I concentrate on different things. I don't write about what's going on at work around me - like how we're moving to a new office and it all resembles a warzone and the elaborate trials of locating the water dispenser through the maze of cubicles and desks and wiring as the partitions around our old workspace are being torn down and re-aligned.

d) God bless the British. They gave us Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, Rowan Atkinson, Red Dwarf, Men Behaving Badly, The New Statesman, Yes Prime Minister, Mind Your Language, Goodness Gracious Me, and ALI G! British comedy rocks! Hm. Except for Benny Hill.

e) On honesty: "In courtships, one pretends to be something one is not until your partner loves you for whom you really are." Or, as Lenin put it. "Truth is a rare and precious commodity. Thus, we must be sparing in its use." I can safely say though, that neither treacherous deceit nor brutal honesty have worked out well for me. I'd try decency, but the concept's a bit beyond me.

f) Re: Mogwai - see below:

For some Mogwai context, check this out.
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