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Sunday, November 24, 2002

Went out with 3 BMT section mates. Ken wants to downgrade for moderate/gross obesity too :)

We watched Returner [NB: No IMDB information available at the present].

For once, the "teen" was a real teen, at 15 years of age. Not like all those faux schoolgirls. The guy was also one of those typical long haired, stubbly ones :)

The typically Japanese elements - the humour, the twists, ironies and paradoxes - were there, of course, this being a Japanese movie, but they weren't so strong as to be irritating. The audience enjoyed them, though, with people laughing uproariously at parts and some clapping at some of the more exceptional scenes.

I'm still wondering how a teen girl with a gunshot wound at her shoulder could run about and carry bundles in swaddling and what not with such deft grace, why an alien race would start a war ending with the annihilation of the human race for just one of their kind. And why we're still using Harriers in 2084 :)

I went out to check out the trailer. Not very impressive, but that might've been because I didn't understand the Japanese.

Wilfred the Waiter, Junxian the now big-built, Zhongyong and Yaoxian the Pioneer Photographer were watching the show too. En Leung was with them before the show, with a very shaggy mane. He actually sold his soul to the Air Force. I'm ashamed, really.

After the show, I tagged along with the first 4, and Tay Weeyang who appeared on Level 1 (and who's finally returned me the money I lent him for SAT I!) as they walked here and there.

Walking along the path outside Cineleisure, I offered Dennis the 42 Driver a perfunctory greeting. What a small world it is. But then he probably came from helping his mother at her pastry shop, so.

Weiyang is E1L3 (temporary) now. And he housekeeps the I-net room for Reservists in Maju (which is near his house), and doesn't do any form of Maju. Oh, and he's stay out too. GAH.

I followed them all the way to Mambo Billiard in Lucky Plaza. It's the first time I've actually been in a joint such as that, really, but after observing people whacking balls, I still think it's a poser game :) There was another bevy of people in there - Waiyi taking pictures of people playing pool with a digital camera (How come she always goes out with the ex-4K guys? Seems like she's the only non ex-4K-er who tags along so regularly), Ben Kang, Ivan, Eugene Huang, Qiying fingering Magic cards, Zhiming and a few others. I couldn't recognise 2 of them. I'm quite ashamed really, but I put it down to the haircuts - sparse hair does make one look different.

The joint supposedly doesn't allow people in shorts and/or slippers to enter, but a good fourth at least of the patrons had bare legs.

After that a few of us holed up along the corridor leading to Long John Silvers and drank from the bottomless cup of mystery drink mixed by Wilfred from the KFC/Taco Bell/Pizza Hut outlet and pondered riddles about weighing Gnomes :)

LOL - Revolution

"During the first third of the game, you play as a janitor employed by a futuristic megacorporation... it's an opportunity for you to spend four or five hours in what amounts to a miserably accurate simulation of actually having a boring job...

This may or may not be a major plot spoiler, but your megacorporation employer is actually up to no good. In fact, you'll know it long before your character does. One clue is that the corporation's logo appears to be a big, evil-looking winged skull. The covertly sinister corporation has also plastered the entire city with totalitarian propaganda, such as threatening billboards that simply read, "Power and Control." In keeping with the game's theme of not making much sense, the corporation has also stamped lots of things with the nonsensical slogan, "We Are the Sun of Your New Life." It's only vaguely threatening, but it is printed in a scary authoritarian font. And in a shocking turn of events, the corporation is called "The Corporation," and it's being opposed by a resistance movement that calls itself, of all things, "the resistance."...

Instead of any interesting intelligence, enemies display an ability to strafe from side to side at an inhumanly fast speed. Your own movement isn't any more realistic--you glide across every surface as if it were covered in oil... The people doing the talking are obviously native speakers of English, yet they apparently read the broken English lines they were given without attempting to fix them. Could it be that the voice-acting industry is so draconian that you immediately get fired if you make any suggestions about your lines? That might be a good setting for the sequel to Revolution.

We won't spoil Revolution's ending for you. Not because we wouldn't like to, but because after playing the final level three times, we're still not clear on what happened. Revolution's story problems, generic visuals, and tedious single-player game may not matter, though, because you can play deathmatch, team deathmatch, or capture the flag over the Internet--at least theoretically. A few weeks after its release, there isn't even one server running Revolution."

"As a rule of thumb, the more qualifiers there are before the name of a country, the more corrupt the rulers. A country called The Socialist People's Democratic Republic of X is probably the last place in the world you'd want to live." - HAHA

It seems few are leaving comments nowadays. Maybe it's my YACCS box's submit button's text :)
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