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Saturday, November 30, 2002

Ah. Parents out of town this weekend; another weekend of privacy and brooding! Such blessing makes my cilia all a-quiver with delight. In the meantime, I realise that it's coming nigh onto a full year since I came back home. More of my friends are becoming productive economic biomass for the capitalist grinder (ie. graduating). And still more are coming home for their holidays. The wheel turns.

Cousins coming back and we're heading out later tonight for a drink or two. It'll be good to meet up - I have some techincal PC issues I need some help with, and this cousin's a LAN-god from Perth.

And in the meantime, guess who's gonna be givin' Saddam a whuppin'?

Inspector's Resignation Rejected by U.N.'s Blix

"Chief United Nations weapons inspector Hans Blix rejected yesterday a resignation offer tendered by one of his Iraq-bound inspectors after reports appeared that the Virginia man lacked a specialized degree and has played a leadership role in sadomasochistic sex clubs.

McGeorge founded, and has been an officer in, several sadomasochistic sex groups, through which he has taught courses on "sex slaves" and various techniques involving knives, ropes and choking devices. He had said that he would offer his resignation if The Washington Post wrote about his S&M background. On Thursday, the Post reported that McGeorge is a co-founder of Black Rose, a Washington-area S&M club, and a former officer in the Leather Leadership Conference Inc."

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