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Monday, October 21, 2002

Today we got to go off after lunch, because of the Deepavali Celebrations. I was 'arrowed' to send a patient to NUH, so I was free only after 2:15pm or so. It wouldn't have been very efficacious going home, so I got the driver to drop me at Buona Vista. Screwed Up Girl was supposed to meet me, but she was busy so I ended up being a voyeur at McDonalds Ghim Moh, all without treading onto the premises of my Alma Mater. I think I will try to equal Mr Downhere in my observations for once, so here goes.

My previous RJ vs AC observations still hold true, mostly. Nothing is new, but for the explosion of Hot Socks in the former, till the problem is on par with ACJC, conceivably worse. The AC guys I saw today also looked a touch more guai than before. Doing inane things like this gives me a comforting sense of deja vu :)

RJ students' choice of footwear seems to be rather dismal now. The shoes I saw were mainly in shades of grey, and I saw no shoes with flourescent colours. I guess the sportsmen finally realised that the luminous colours didn't make them run faster.

I'm told the new Vice-Principal is very strict, and it kinda shows - I saw but one person with dyed hair, and she had the A03 look, so the hair's a given.

I think I should start counting, some time soon, the number of Malay women I see who DON'T wear tudungs. I wonder if it will be more or less than the number of ACJC girls who don't wear Hot Socks.

I find the swaying of hips very irritating. It looks as if there was something loose, that a joint was broken, and it is irritatingly hypnotic in its effect often. Is it done on purpose? Or can most females not help it? And jiggling is very funny, especially when the hair bounces along (like when running). Perhaps that is why I was so amused by Jiggle last time :)

Cursory glances would seem to suggest that skirt length and socks length are directly related. And, depressingly, I saw no one NOT in the purple uniform made with alien fabric.

For all my time there, I only saw and conversed with 2 people I knew. The first was Caleb coming in after a remedial lesson. Happily, I saw no ear holes - at least Johann's not been influencing him in that direction.

Sometimes later, I was sitting at my seat next to the toilet (I've wonderful taste) when a buzz sounded in my ears. Growing gradually louder, I began to sense that something was not right, that there was something out of place somewhere in my general vicinity. Looking to my right, I saw someone looking askance at me. I couldn't see her knees, she wasn't anorexic and the socks were only lukewarm, so I was reasonably sure it was... Megan. She's shed her glasses for contacts, as many seem to have done, is still enamoured of clipping her hair at the back with a butterful clip such that a tuft falls from the top of the clip, and she -still- doesn't have or chooses wear her school badge.

Perhaps listening to bad music broadcast over the PA system for too long dulled my senses, for I was remarkably dull taking the 92, not only walking all the way to the MRT station to get onboard, but taking it in the wrong direction. Gah. At least I got to see the ruins of the old SMM. Not a soul was stirring inside - I think even the cats have moved away. And at the sentry box with a cardboard figure of an MP in a luminous poncho.

We trekked up stairs and steep slopes, and finally reached a court where we watched a variety show. I think after tonight, I've heard enough Indian Music and seen enough Indian Dances to last me a lifetime. Nuff said about Deepavali Celebrations.

Oh, and Saravanan says he's marrying a Muslim girl. Conversion time, ugh.


I like Secondary School girls lor

Pakistan Disease (Parkinsons)

Heard through the grapevine:

"hmmz thinking about girls and sex... When I was sec 3 ..... some rgs girls asked (your seniors!!!) if they were stuck with a guy in some inhospitable place awaiting rescue, how much calories are there in semen. The teacher reportedly turned red and said, you don't wanna do that. Or something to that effect."
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