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Friday, October 25, 2002

Word of the day: "colophon"

Ooh. They caught the Washington snipers - and so much for the profile of a white man in his 30s' with military sniper expertise. All they got were a couple of Muslim African-Americans, one of whom was dishonorably discharged from the Army.. where he served as a mechanic.

(Remind me not to piss off those guys who service my car in the future.)

And straight out of Tom Clancy, we have another hostage situation in Moscow.

"The network, whose crew was allowed to accompany a doctor inside the theater, also showed two female hostage-takers wearing head-to-toe robes that revealed only their eyes. Arabic script was printed on their hoods, they cradled pistols on their chests and wore what appeared to be explosives taped to their waists and wired to a small button they carried in their hands."

Signs and portents, some say. Another Nostradamus nut in my office was going on and on about quatrain this and quatrain that, and the impending apocalypse. Five minutes later I caught him going over share prices.

Me: "If you think the world is ending, why do you still bother investing?"

Him: "I need money to go out in style."
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