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Saturday, February 16, 2002

Walked over to bras basah complex to have a look at yun nan bookstore for textbooks- it was closed. Hrrmmmph. Will have to go there again tomorrow.

Then walked over to Bugis junction with chaowan- i wanted to get some beng accessories for tomorrow's SJSM costume party (i'm supposed to dress as either a beng or a lian; needless to say i chose the former) where i am required to wear a "tight tee and tight pants". Will probably wear a dark-coloured or red fitted sleeveless tee with tight jeans. Bought temporary stick-on tattoos from 77th Street- wheeeee!!!- 6 chinese characters for $2.90- wheeeeee!!!!!!!- meng3, lie4, kuang2, and a few others. Hmm, will have to borrow someone's toner/make-up remover/cold cream to remove them before going home that night.

Then hopped off the MRT at buona vista, dedicated 4 songs (for a buck) at the council dedication booth to the "creative writing clubbers"- friendship week thing, proceeds to charity.

Megan: What songs did you dedicate to us?
Andrew: Alanis Morissette's "Ironic".
Megan: Wha-aat???
Grace: (speechless, does the burying face in hands thing)

And this is what creative writing's doing this year for friendship week:

>Friendship Week valentine veggies -
>Vegetables/ fruits sold are:
>dates - 'would you like a date with me?'
>raisins - 'raisin' the temperature'
>barley - 'i can barley contain my love'
>pears - 'we make a good pear'
>carrots - 'you are the root of all desire'
>peanuts - 'i'm nuts about you'
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