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Saturday, February 16, 2002

I'm posting for the last time before leaving. Yesterday was hectic too, morning I went to yun nan bookshop to obtain medical textbooks. Could only get moore's anatomy textbook (the other texts i was looking for were sold out; next batch coming in a few weeks). Then I met up with melvin tay at bugis- spinelli's for a chat. Then I took the mrt down to NUS science co-op (this nice engine student called weijie helped me to get there via the internal bus system) and i met ben mui on the way there. He's temp working in nus- good pay- and was meeting his "lunch buddies mala and shangyee" at the science canteen (one wonders why, when there are other better ones).

Sorta bumped into all 3 of them on the way to co-op bookstore; they were standing outside the corridor. When i waved Shangyee gawked at my hair and started gossipping to mala abt it (mala merely gawked); not that i didn't expect it but COULD YOU AT LEAST BE A LITTLE MORE FRIENDLY??? 2 years hardly counts as mere acquaintances. Then she mentioned my leaving and went off. I got all the books i wanted from the co-op, plus co-op card discount. By that time it was almost 2, I went back home.

Packed my bag for 3 destinations; gelati place to meet huihui and loraine (at 3), driving basic theory test (at 6.30pm), sjsm costume party (immediately after driving test). I was 50 minutes late for gelati gathering because i had misplaced stuff i had to bring for the latter; huihui remarked that "damage had been done" by my description of their prom outfits as "vampish" on my homepage, i should not elaborate. Really good meeting up with them (= we also met Ms. wee (rj bio tutor) who dropped by to get a coffee from coffee bean; she wished me all the best. There was another acjc guy from sjsm in at the gelati place, think he's jonathan. Anyway i wasn't sure it was the same guy.
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