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Thursday, January 24, 2008

"The only thing that sustains one through life is the consciousness of the immense inferiority of everybody else, and this is a feeling that I have always cultivated." - Oscar Wilde


Someone on incest: the japs and koreans love it
it's on also every j and k drama

Someone else on a silly paragraph: you didn't tell me whether i should edit it or just pour scorn at its empty verbosity, or its elaborate but grammatically lacking structure

Someone: guys usually are [undersensitive]
i attribute it to the lack of the discharge of blood monthly

Someone else: who ask u go write on multiculturalism
i would love to have my paper published alongside urs lor


Me: I must add this to my long list of bookmarks

Someone: yeah i already added it

Me: how long is yours?

Someone: about 12cm, erect

Someone else on measuring himself: eh fuck you la hahaha
i tried to get horny but got a stomachache instead

i am still recovering from food poisoning ok

Someone on Russians: [they] dont look like they eat pork

dont ask me how people who eat pork look like

i mean that i didnt imagine pork was part of their staple diet or whatever

Someone else: usually flirting for a gal means acting dumb
didnt u know that? :P

Someone: *Nick: 'XXX - my Macbook is here!!! I want to make love to her'*

Me: is the firewire slot big enough?

Someone: firewire? for mac?

Me: to make love to

Someone: haha idiot

Me: wah
then you must be damn small

Someone: haha yeah lor

this reminds me of something i saw scrawled on a UNC toilet wall

someone wrote "I have a secret fantasy to cum in my girlfriend's ear"
someone else wrote below it "yeah you can fit it pencil dick"

Someone else: i wonder should u be some woman psychologist


they're too screwed up

Someone: hurrr
doesn't the catholic part explain everything [sexual depravity]

Me: yah
like altar boys and priests

Someone: yah... like my catholic friend who slept around before marrying his wife and didn't want to use condoms (!!!!)

premarital sex = okay; condoms = BAAAAAD
stupid catholics

they went for premarital counseling with their priest and still ended up getting divorced (apparently ok too now?! but condoms still not ok?!)

Me: uhh I hope he got the clap

Someone: apparently he got lucky

MFS on the Real Doll: i do know about these things
cos our student newspaper
sends people every year
to c over the Adult Video Entertainment Conference in Las Vegas

and its fully paid for
media is accredited and stuff

Someone: since chinese people eat pork, by extension we are haram
so malays cannot accept chinese blood right

or rather
islam people cannot accept blood that is not from an islamic donor
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