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Monday, December 25, 2006

"Philosophers say a great deal about what is absolutely necessary for science, and it is always, so far as one can see, rather naive, and probably wrong." - Richard Feynman


A Google search reveals that the lyrics of "Boob Job for Christmas" are also in a PDF called Beaver Valley Christmas, a play featuring songs like "Walkin Round in Women's Underwear", "I came across a Roadkill Deer" and other similar songs. I'm quite sure the lyrics were taken from my blog, since they didn't exist online when I put them up. Ah, spreading Christmas cheer is so rewarding!

I was checking something for someone and it seems the sex ratio has moved in men's favor recently. Data till 2004 shows there's a lot of Chinese and "Others" females, and a lot of Indian males. The overall mid-year estimate for 2006 shows that the sex ratio has plummeted further recently.

There's a book by H. E. Wilson called Social Engineering in Singapore: Educational Policies and Social Change, 1819-1972. Haha.

Someone put a finger on what's wrong with business bullshit. It sounds very good on paper but is almost impossible to apply. I would add that applying it often makes things worse than if it had not been applied.

A source tells me that a J3 said I was used as an example of a blogger in RJ GP lessons, together with Alex Au. Uhh.

Those who advocate abstinence because "protection is not infallible" and potential lives are at stake even if you take the morning after pill probably have no idea how insurance works. Driving is not 100% safe either, even if you are considerably more skilled than I am. Furthermore, the life of a grown person (or many grown persons, if others are in your vehicle) is worth infinitely more than that of a mere cluster of cells (ie a fertilised egg and the stages following).

People tell me that in university (or NUS at least), despite the rhetoric, blind memorisation can get you what thinking cannot, ie an A; whether blind memorisation is necessary, sufficient or both necessary and sufficient for this I have not ascertained. This is one reason I'm doing Economics.

Someone: blind memorisation can get you somewhere in PS that's for sure
the top student in PS is probably the best memorizer of quotes
he quotes from everyone in theory class
without really understanding the text as a whole

only PS in NUS...will memorization get you As
actually come to think of it...PS in UBC also requires a lot of rote memorization
but i think in Lit memory work might be comparatively less

MFTTW: blind memorization can get you lots of As in medicine.
they thrive on blind memorization and factual regurgitation
but of course you must be able to regurgitate at will and super quickly

Someone else: Hmm. Well at Oxford if you are clever enough you can certainly get a first simply by sheer hard work. But being clever certainly helps.
in subjects like history, yes. or at least, reading a lot of shit and remembering what you've read.

memorising large chunks of material and unleashing them appropriately is the main skill in history.

Someone (2): in marketing not really
finance, yes yes yes
unless u're a maths whiz, it helps t memorise stuff
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