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Thursday, September 08, 2005

This must take the cake for Worst. Straits Times Forum letter. I have ever read Ever. Even its being awarded a prize, a medallion, a badge, a plaque, a ribbon, a trophy as well as a certificate would be insufficient to recognise the enormity of the situation.

Letters thanking taxi drivers, insignificant queries to government agencies, odes to Kim Jong Il MM Lee, letters from irate Malaysians angry that certain dubious honours (linguistic or culinary) have been erroneously (in their book) awarded to Singapore, notes from expatriates or tourists singing Singapore's praises and wondering why people are so critical and paens harkening to the days (10 years ago or so) when the writer wrote his last Forum letter all cannot compare.

I would parody it, but in the words of the late Molly Meek: "she lost her job because things became so ridiculous that there was no longer a need for satire. Then the level of propaganda went beyond the point of human capacity to handle—every single atom out there was given a propagandistic charge. That was the last straw for Molly Meek. At least Molly died laughing"

Skydiving is too risky for S'poreans

I refer to the article about skydiving that appeared not too long ago in The Straits Times.

I believe that skydiving is too dangerous a recreational activity to be made available to the people.

Even the safety of professionals cannot be guaranteed, let alone the people new to the sport.

Roger Nelson, founder of the Skydive Chicago was an accomplished skydiver. Yet he died in a freak skydiving accident in June 2003.

Even an instructor, who has dived several times, could not free himself from malfunctioning equipment. What chance of survival would a student have facing the unknown? Roger Nelson is not the only case.

Several people have lost their lives in skydiving.

Skydiving's an intricate process. When one tiny malfunction in the equipment occurs, it causes a chain reaction that effectively seals a person's fate.

A spare parachute may help to reduce the risk but if it was really that effective, why are so many people still dying due to freak accidents?

Also, if we factor in weather considerations, we would have a lot of problems to contend with.

Steering the parachute while airborne is not as simple as it looks. It's even harder when unpredictable winds blow the skydiver in all directions. These winds can occur instantaneously without any warning.

After overcoming these two problems, we still have one more to take care of - landing. Just one slight mistake could cost you a trip to the hospital.

Recently, a commando injured himself while rehearsing for the National Day Parade as a result of landing problems. The commando was a veteran.

I hope you can see why I do not think skydiving is a safe sport.

Cheong Fu Ginn

Others express their shock for me:

A: "cheomg fu ginn has never heard of static line jumping, tandem jumps and 'the tower'. obviously he has also not factored in the fact that more pple are likely to die in car accidents.

much more precaution goes into parachuting than does all the other stuff that might kill u in daily life
not to mention, cheong fu ginns pathetic attempt at a convincing and persuasive argument ultimately fell short of the target because of its amateurish and primary school composition tone.

probably wouldnt take the bus for fear of contracting meningitis from the wheezing coughing old man next to him"


I believe that writing is too dangerous a political activity to be made available to the people.

Even the safety of trained writers cannot be guaranteed, let alone the poor people forced to read their drivel."

C: anti-govt
govt approved the skydiving carnival
time to call him for kopi session @ cantonment

He's only 15. But still?!
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