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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Links - 27th February 2018 (2)

Against Our Will Author on What Today’s Rape Activists Don’t Get - "Susan Brownmiller, who published the groundbreaking Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape in 1975, takes issue with the current conversation around sexual assault. She believes it’s unrealistic for women to think they can drink like men and still be safe, and that women are responsible for keeping themselves out of dangerous situations... In the 1970s we had an extraordinary movement against sexual assault in this country and changed the laws. They [the campus activists] don’t seem to know that. They think they are the first people to discover rape, and the problem of consent, and they are not... The slut marches bothered me, too, when they said you can wear whatever you want. Well sure, but you look like a hooker. They say, “That doesn’t matter,” but it matters to the man who wants to rape. It’s unrealistic. I don’t know what happened to the understanding people had in the 1970s... If you drink you lose your sense of judgment. Everybody knows that. You should know that when you are going into a fraternity party, something can happen... Well, I take a hard line with victims of domestic violence, too. I feel it is my place as a feminist to say, “Get out, get out, get out of this relationship.” They feel that we should respect their opinions and beliefs because they are survivors. If they can’t get out because they don’t want to reduce their living circumstances, or they don’t want to go, or they are passive people, then I am supposed to respect that. But I don’t. My feeling is “Get out.” And my feeling about young women trapped in sex situations that they don’t want is: “Didn’t you see the warning signs? Who do you expect to do your fighting for you?” It is a little late, after you are both undressed, to say “I don’t want this.”"
You either die a liberal or live long enough to see yourself become a shitlord

Science girl Super Awesome Sylvia becomes a boy named Zeph who doesn't love science - The Washington Post - "
How come deadnaming is okay here? What does this say about women in STEM?

Ryerson Students' Union blocks men's issues group - Macleans.ca - "The Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) takes issue with a men’s issues club. If it were not so serious, it would be laughable. An organization that collects hundreds of thousands of dollars in mandatory levies from Ryerson students is afraid of three students—two of them women—starting a men’s issues group. Despite the constant rhetoric about diversity, equity and inclusion, the RSU cannot tolerate ideologies that run counter to its own"

Anger as Oxford college bans Christian group from freshers' fair - "A University of Oxford college banned Christian Union representatives from attending its freshers’ fair over concerns at the “potential for harm to freshers”... “Christianity’s influence on many marginalised communities has been damaging in its methods of conversion and rules of practice, and is still used in many places as an excuse for homophobia and certain forms of neo-colonialism.”"

UK's Hateful Hate-Crime Hub - "Britain's Home Secretary Amber Rudd announced the creation of a new national police hub to crack down on hate-crime and "trolling" online. The unit -- which will apparently be run by specialist officers -- will assess complaints and work out whether they amount to a crime or not. They will also recommend removing material from online platforms if they -- at the official hate-crime hub -- deem such material "hateful"... Since 1999 and the publication of the Macpherson Report (into the racist murder of the black teenager Stephen Lawrence) in the UK, the British authorities have gone along with a definition of hate-crime which allows the victim (real or perceived) to be the arbiter of whether an offence has been committed. This privilege allows a list of people who believe they have been "trolled" or "abused" online over their "race, religion, sexual orientation, disability or transgender identity" to be arbiters as well as reporters of any and all such crimes. It is worth considering where this can end up... In 2015-2016, a total of 62,518 hate crimes were recorded by forces in England and Wales. The Crown Prosecution Service says that it completed 15,442 hate crime prosecutions during that year. All of which happened at the same time as Khalid Masood, Salman Abedi and 20,000 other "known extremists" were allowed to walk free. And so the priorities of the authorities and the priorities of the public would appear to be dividing: a fact that can only have negative consequences -- whether they are "hateful" or not."

The 5 Most European Cities Not in Europe

One in three South African men admit to rape, survey finds - "Nearly nine in 10 men believe that a woman should obey her husband – and almost six in 10 women also agreed with the statement. South Africa has one of the highest rates of rape in the world. Last year a survey by the Medical Research Council (MRC) found that 28% of men in Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces said they had raped a woman or girl."

CPS criticized for 'improper' rape charges against teacher - "The Crown Prosecution Service was facing serious questions from MPs last night after a judge condemned it for putting an innocent teacher on trial for raping a pupil following ‘enormous pressure’ from a former Metropolitan Police chief and an ex-CPS boss. A jury took just 15 minutes to clear high-flying deputy headmaster Kato Harris – who says the ordeal has destroyed his life... following the unsuccessful prosecution, Director of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders led a secret review of the CPS’s handling of Mr Harris’s case and other rape trials that ended in acquittal... ‘I would certainly advocate that no man qualify as a teacher. It is just not worth it. What is the lesson here? There is nothing to protect the male teacher.’"

'Easy Meat.' Britain's Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up - "calculations based on convictions show that a British Muslim male is 170 times more likely to be a part of sex grooming gang than a non-Muslim. And there are no recorded instances of non-Muslims doing this to Muslim girls as part of a criminal enterprise. In one local jurisdiction, it was estimated that six out of seven Muslim males either knew about, or were part of, a grooming gang. Igler says, "What you do not have is any example of non-Muslim men targeting Muslim girls for this organized form of abuse. So, the argument that this crime exists everywhere is not only false, but is being deliberately cultivated by the media and by the government inquiry that is kicking the can down the road.""

Campus Drunk Confidential - "Here is the down and dirty bottom line regarding 90%+ of reported adult sexual assaults: It’s the alcohol. Period. Full stop.... our victim and the guy she just met “hook up” consensually and close down the bar and now its 2 AM and she can’t really remember much after that, just bits and pieces, until she woke up in a strange place next to a strange man. The twist? It’s not the guy she was dancing with and gave oral sex to. It’s his roommate. She thinks she had sex, but she can’t remember. She went home and talked to her roommate and her roommate talked her into coming to the hospital. So she has the exam and she’s got no physical injuries because nobody beat, punched, or choked her. And we talk to the guy and the roommate and their story is that she came home with them and she and the roommate sat up talking and smoking weed after the guy she came home with passed out in the living room and one thing led to another and the roommate had consensual sex with her too. And out of this morass of bad decisions and contradictory claims, the social justice types want us to present a viable prosecution? Ain’t happening... Years ago I took a class on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design. One of the illustrations that the instructor used was that of the “Triangle of Crime.” In order to have a crime, you need three things: A Criminal, a Victim, and a Place for the crime to happen. Eliminate any one of those pieces and no crime occurs. Eliminate the binge drinking and hook- up cultures that a vast, vast majority of reported sexual assault victims willingly participate in, and you would eliminate practically all reported sexual assaults in this country."

Non-whites will be majority in US and Europe by 2050 - "The shifting sands of the US reflect wider - and highly controversial - changes elsewhere in the world. It is an area in which few demographers dare to tread for fear of being accused of racism. 'You cannot quote me - a word out of place and I get crapped on from a very great height,' said one academic. 'Whatever you say you are deemed racist'... One demographer, who didn't want to be named for fear of being called racist, said: 'It's a matter of pure arithmetic that, if nothing else happens, non-Euro peans will become a majority and whites a minority in the UK. That would probably be the first time an indigenous population has voluntarily become a minority in its historic homeland'... 'Every people under the sun have a right to their place under the sun, and the right to survive. If people predicted that Indians would be a minority in India in 2100, everyone would be calling it genocide'... Back in California, in a land built by immigrants, Bustamente put a positive spin on the end of the white majority: 'If there are no majorities, then there's no minorities.'"
From 2000
Given what's been happening in California the rosy predictions on no more minorities have proven to be overblown

Former NPR CEO opens up about liberal media bias - "For an entire year, I embedded myself with the other side, standing in pit row at a NASCAR race, hanging out at Tea Party meetings and sitting in on Steve Bannon’s radio show. I found an America far different from the one depicted in the press and imagined by presidents (“cling to guns or religion”) and presidential candidates (“basket of deplorables”) alike... I certainly didn’t expect the intense discussion of racial equity and refugee issues — how to help them, not how to keep them out — but that is what I got. At Urbana, I met dozens of people who were dedicating their lives to the mission, spreading the good news of Jesus, of course, but doing so through a life of charity and compassion for others: staffing remote hospitals, building homes for the homeless and, in one case, flying a “powered parachute” over miles of uninhabited jungle in the western Congo to bring a little bit of entertainment, education and relief to some of the remotest villages you could imagine... the current situation in an odd way works for Trump, who gets to rile his base, and for the media, which has grown an audience on the back of Washington dysfunction. In the end, they are both short-term winners. It is the public that is the long-term loser."

Chinese theme park cuts price 'outrageously' for miniskirt wearers - "The Guilin Merryland Theme Park, located in the southern Chinese city of Guilin, is offering half-price admission to female visitors, if they sport a skirt shorter than 38 centimeters... The park is planning to offer an even larger discount on July 21 and 22 to female visitors who arrive before noon with the goal of smashing “the world record of attracting more than 10,000 short-skirted women to the park.”"

Hackney Empire pulls out of Chinese takeaway opera over all-white cast - "The London premiere of an opera set in a Chinese takeaway has been cancelled after a backlash over its all-white cast... Music Theatre Wales previously defended the all-white casting, saying the play was an example of “post-Brechtian storytelling” and that “quite deliberately, there is no realism”... “It doesn’t make sense that it’s an all-Caucasian cast, particularly when it is about nationalities, ethnicities and the immigrant experience. You can’t say that the immigrant experience is purely just a white experience. That doesn’t make sense at all."
Comments: "This is so depressing. Acting is the gift of portraying that which one is not. The new left, non-Hobsbawnian identity politics obsessives are killing any concept of freedom to be whatever we want to be. Let a white man play a black man, or a black man play an Asian, or any combination in any sort of fashion. It is crazy to have to worry that something innocently presented is going to be offensive to the professionally offended. Recently, a Dr Seuss portrayal of an early twentieth century Chinese immigrant was objected to because it was a racial stereotype. Well, yes, but it wasn't inaccurate. We're rewriting history to support a minority of people who are desperate to reinvent society in their niche image.
Time to stop them and expose them as the cultural fascists they are."
"Culture becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. In my area of Newham, I've seen young black kids being told they're "too white" just because they aren't interested in the customs of their ancestors."
"I don't recall any complaints about the recent all black all female production of Hamlet."

Remember When Democrats Used To Hate George W. Bush? So Much For That. - "Bush’s newfound bipartisan popularity is a remarkable change from his tenure as president, when he was loathed by the left and broadly unpopular in the nation as a whole. Democratic approval of Bush dropped to as low as 4 percent during his final year in office"
Words speak louder than actions

Russian Operatives Fooled The Women's March Into Sharing Their Propaganda - "the Instagram account, @feminist_tag, was actually the work of Russian officials, and designed to use the burgeoning anti-Trump "resistance" to further divide the country, sowing political discord that the Russians hoped would lead to a system breakdown... Other memes promoted things like "transgender acceptance," and "fast facts" about violence against women across the globe.

Women's March Promoted Russian Propagand - "Russian accounts targeted Baltimore and Ferguson — both hubs of racial activism — with pro-Black Lives Matter messaging, CNN reported. The Washington Post reported that the Russian ads promoted other “African American rights groups” in addition to Black Lives Matter. Other accounts impersonated Islamic groups to push anti-American messages meant to alienate Muslims within the United States. Similarly, the Russian operations also targeted Native American groups against the Dakota Access Pipeline in North Dakota"

Emails Appear To Confirm That President Obama's DOJ Funneled 'Slush Fund' Money To Leftist Orgs - "former President Barack Obama's administration directed money intended for victims of Wall Street mortgage meddling to progressive activist organizations who now form much of the "resistance" to President Donald Trump."

Only MLB Player To Kneel During National Anthem Complains After Being Refused Service Over His Protest - "Maxwell went on to say that the incident proved his point: that racial bias still exists in America, and that professional athletes are bringing attention to a very important issue. The strange thing is, of course, that Maxwell thought his own protest was legitimate, and that refusing to stand for the national anthem — which is actually part of his job, per the MLB — was the correct way to make what seems to be a complex issue personal to millions of Americans. But when a waiter also protested on the job, bringing the issue of disrespect towards the flag home to Maxwell, Maxwell was outraged."
Liberals have the right to protest, but others don't

Rethinking Gender, Sexuality, and Violence - "In the mainstream and on social media, we’ve been told that that all women live under constant threat and that all men are part of the problem. If a man had the audacity to say #MeToo and point out that he had also been a victim, he might have been ridiculed for being insensitive to women. One columnist admonished “nice guys” that they were most likely responsible for the bulk of the problem and bore the responsibility for fixing it. The journalist Benjamin Law started the hashtag #HowIWillChange for men to publicly confess and “take responsibility for their role in rape culture, complicit or otherwise,” portraying any man who has ever questioned the accuracy of a claim of harassment as a “bad guy.” It is important to consider the accuracy and impact of stereotypes of men in general as violent. While it is true that the overwhelming majority of violent crimes are committed by men, it is a tiny minority of men who are responsible for the majority of violence. In a Swedish sample, the most violent 1% of the population committed 63% of all violent crimes (N = 2,393,765) —nearly twice as many as the other 99% combined... the tendency of this small minority of men to commit such acts may be caused by the genetics of those specific men, not by a “rape culture” that teaches men in general that violence against women is acceptable. In the realm of sexual harassment as well, repeat offenders are likely to be giving the male population a bad name... some investigations have found that attempts to rehabilitate psychopaths (as diagnosed by the Hare psychopathy checklist) have actually increased their likelihood of committing violent crimes such as sexual assault. Considering this reality, it’s doubtful that a hashtag campaign such as #MeToo will be effective in reducing the violence committed by this specific group of men... lesbians were significantly more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to experience domestic violence... men who call 911 for help with domestic violence are more likely to be arrested themselves than to see their abusers arrested"
Comment: "That men reported low lifetime prevalence but almost as high prevalence in the last 12 months as women indicates that whatever happened most men didn’t take it seriously enough to recall events that happened a few years ago."
I'm sure feminists have ways of blaming the high rates of lesbian domestic violence on "patriarchy"

This mum thinks breastfeeding shaming is a form of sexual abuse
If it's sexual violence does that mean that breastfeeding is sexual?

Why tyrants love to write poetry - "Bin Laden was among the most celebrated jihadi poets, and his status derived in part from his mastery of classical eloquence. Bin Laden’s emir in Iraq, Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi, was known simultaneously as ‘the butcher’ and ‘he who weeps a lot’ – illuminating the link between ruthlessness and sentimentality, the twin desire for power and pity. Al-Qaeda’s current leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, also writes poetry, and the self-proclaimed caliph of so-called Islamic State, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, wrote his PhD thesis on a religious poem."

Montreal's Influx of French Immigrants Brings New Tensions - "Lazartigues-Chartier says that French newcomers are completely disconnected from the Quebec-as-North America perspective. “They think it’s like Europe because we use the same words,” she says. These expectations are also reinforced by travel articles and marketing materials, which often overplay this connection with headlines proclaiming Montreal “Half Paris, Half Brooklyn” or one of the “5 Most European Cities Not in Europe.” But Montreal is deeply rooted in a North American context, from its beloved fast food hot dogs to Brutalist architecture. “Montreal is more North American than French because all the historical, cultural, economic and social references are American,” says Lazartigues-Chartier, noting that Quebecers are less dramatic, and society less hierarchical and more entrepreneurial."
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