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Thursday, April 30, 2015

The products most Googled in every country of the world

The products most Googled in every country of the world in one crazy map

"Earlier this month, the cost-estimating website Fixr.com put together a map of the world with the most-Googled for object in each country, using the autocomplete formula of “How much does * cost in [x country].”"

Notable results:

Hong Kong, Thailand, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Austria, Latvia, Brazil, Uruguay - Prostitute
Taiwan - Coke
Singapore - Maid
Malaysia - Tattoo
Vietnam - Beer
South Korea - Rhinoplasty
Egypt - Camel
Mauritania - Slaves
Japan - Watermelon
Kuwait - Lamborghini
Ireland - Funeral
Switzerland - Rolex
Germany - BMW
Russia - To fly a mig
France - Croissant
Albania - Nose Job
Ecuador - Panama Hat
Chile, Honduras - Coke
US - Patent
Mexico - Tummy Tuck
Cuba - Cigar
Guatemala - Taxi
Canada - Passport
Panama - To parasail
Australia - IVF
New Zealand - Vasectomy
Antarctica, Greenland - Land
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