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Monday, September 27, 2010

Comparative gender relations

"On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog." - Peter Steiner


'In Singapore the woman of the house gives the orders and the man obeys and keeps his mouth shut' (Boeing Boeing, Singaporean adaptation)

Original play:

GLORIA: You know, people wonder why America is such a great country.

ROBERT: Yes, people do wonder.

GLORIA: Well, it’s quite simply because American men stay babies all their

ROBERT: As long as that?

GLORIA: The Kinsey report proved it.

ROBERT: Did it?

GLORIA: In my country the woman is stronger than the man because he always says yes to her. And so by demanding more everyday, she can make the man work his way to total exhaustion.

ROBERT: They don’t mind?

GLORIA: Oh, they mind. But one little mutiny and we’re off to Reno. You can get a divorce in six weeks- for me ntal cruelty. And that means alimony.

ROBERT: What happens if they don’t pay it?



GLORIA: So to avoid going to jail, they pay up and to pay up, they have to work. They have to produce. This ensures a stable economy. And that’s why America is such a great country.
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