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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"Two wrongs don't make a right, but they make a good excuse." - Thomas Szasz


I wasted my time in Sungei Gedong!

A group for "For admirers of the E-Mart Ah Lian who according to urban legends, is perpetually pregnant! (no longer pregnant, and no longer there)"

Choice comments by [ex-]full-time slaves which will doubtless lead COL Darius Lim, Director of Public Affairs for MINDEF, to remark that "it is heartening to note the very strong support for national service":

"I remember my platoon mate so like the place that he AWOL on his last week of ORD. I just want to say "FUCK YOU SAF AND FUCK OFF 42 SAR!!" Bye forever because I will never step my foot into the camp again. I will always remember that SAF is the organization that forces me out of Singapore. Australia here I come.."

"it true.. i wasted 3 years in Sungei Gedong and a total of 8yrs in Armour.... sigh..."

"Tribute from 42 SAR..
Fuck you Sungei Gedong"

"Fuck this camp! I hate Sungei Gedong!!!"

"The dog with the swollen genitials still there anot?"

"Leaving this damn place soon."

"once armour always armour...lanjiao!"

"Another 6 months to go. Shyttt."

"I'm visiting this **** in June again, piuh!"

"FUCK GEDONG" (multiple instances)

"I will be re-visiting this mud slum once again..pui!"

"OMG. i remember the mother fucking dog SSG Hao Nam Yong from AETC HQ last time; the "stand in" csm. I think now he's AETC bravo CSM now. Chee bye make me sign 3 extras for having 1mm long fingernails. To staff hao : FUCK YOU understand. man i didnt get to say that to you when i orded cause u werent around. i hope u read this"

"i wasted 5months in gedong! once armour always suffer"

"Its finally over man ... the worst 2 yrs of my life..."

"Passing the fucked road that leads all the way in to S.G
I always wonder....
How did i ever survived in that camp?"

"Fuck field camps... Fuck Live Firing... WTF Man!"

"heya folks, asking on behalf of a friend: wld anyone be familiar with the SM1 tank? my friend wld like to find out where the fuel valve is. unfortunately my not-of-choice vehicle is the always-break-down bronco (AETC) so hopefully someone can advise. kamsia!"

"Im gonna quit if there aint gonna be any girls in here...Damn..what were you guys thinking? Male orgy?"

"worst place in my entire life. those of u going u GL HF! prepare to die"

"Going to ord from this 鸟不生蛋, 狗不拉屎的地方"
Translation: A place where birds won't lay eggs and dogs won't shit - i.e. a shithole
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