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Sunday, August 31, 2008

"One is tempted to define man as a rational animal who always loses his temper when he is called upon to act in accordance with the dictates of reason." - Oscar Wilde


Me: "When a man sees Death in his path, he feels the need for a woman's arms"

LDPVTP: foolishness
i'd charge the Death fella with teeth and claws

Me: that's AFTER you lie with the woman
it's from Seven Samurai

LDPVTP: is that the one with Tom Cruise?

Me: ... no
this precedes that by 50 years

LDPVTP: Canto or Mandarin?

Me: japanese
hello. SAMURAI

LDPVTP: there are lots of wuxia stories about seven brothers too
and another about ten

whatever. :)

Someone: after spending some time watching women run, i have figured that boobs that don't bounce are indeed very very odd. like a glass eye.

Me: why have you been watching women run? ><

I bet yours don't bounce!

Someone: mine do, just not very much

because i run too and i observe their form

Someone else: I use an insertable rubber cup that collects the crap, so I don't have to keep changing it every few hours

Me: oh that one

it's supposed to last forever right

Someone else: yes

my mother freaked out when she saw it

It's slightly disturbing you know about that

Me: hahahahahahahahahahaha
you? disturbed?

I know a lot of things =D

Someone else: it makes me wonder what you read

Me: hurr hurr

how come you can use it but I can't know about it

Someone else: because you presumably don't go about looking for tampon alternatives

Me: I also know the theory of peeing standing up
speaking of which, have you tried it?

Someone else: no

Me: damn
can you? I'm trying to get girls I know to try
almost all say no

Someone else: where should I try it where I won't make a mess

Me: shower

you know the theory right

Someone else: I don't want to spatter the walls either

Me: that's what the shower head is for

HWMNBN: perhaps tihs is not a great conversation topic when talking to women

me : "one day they will open up the domestic worker market to mainland china.... THEN YOU SINGAPOREAN WOMEN ARE DOOMED LOR."
"a protected market will always wither when cheaper high quality imports flood in"

Me: that's why they're so upset at china women

HWMNBN: i know

it's a reflection of their own fear
that their monopoly power will wither

i always say, since you always have a problem with local men
you should be happy then

they'll stop bothering you and go for import-substitution

Me: Even by the standards of female mags, 17 sux

jb: such is life (:

Me: Then read for WHAT >:(

jb: fun what! and can get good advice on relationships and dating and whether you should dump him! :D

and nice pictures on clothes and stuff although their fashion advice sucks. hmmm good way to check out cosmetics.

Me: Women's magazines are why women are so screwed up

jb: i don't disagree. i never disagree with you on any of your '... women' things what...

Kevin: hai Singapore and weirdos like Gssq

what will Singapore do without Gssq?

it's be too sterile

Let me give you a power tagline
put this as a testimonial for your blog

Gssq puts the viagra on political correctness of Singapore.

Someone on on SBF people who can't understand English yet claim I need an English lesson: SAD

Me: yeah well
singaporeans are retards

Someone: agreed.
actually sad = singaporeans are dickheads.
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