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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

brown, the internet consultant, gave me a free session. He thinks that I should split my usual daily mega post into individual ones, even if I end up having, like, 10 posts a day. I should also space out each post time-wise and add titles.

- It's easier to link to what I write
- It's easier to read and skip parts readers don't like and find parts they do
- It prevents information overload and reader intimidation
- I'll get more comments
- People will come more often every day/time period

- Is it confusing for readers to come and be faced with 30 new posts?
- It looks like I'm fickle and have an undisciplined mind since I'll have many short posts
- I can put my customary quote of the day on only one of the posts
- I like to come back and edit my posts and add material later (for example, this very post has changed since it was first pushed out), so if I publish many a day I'll have to edit them after they're published and readers may not notice that anything has changed (alternatively, I could just post all 10 posts at the end of each day)
- I might feel like I've to space the posts out temporally and I spend even more time blogging (uhh)
- One-lined posts make me look silly
- I lose my reputation as someone who posts interminable posts that no one bothers to read through

He also suggests that I move to a tool with scheduled posting like Wordpress or MT, but for those you either must pay or lose flexibility with free hosting plans. And scheduled posting and categorisation don't sound all that attractive anyway.

I think I'll try his suggestion for a week or so, and see how things go from there. Though I can't be bothered to give each post titles; res ipsa loquitur anyway. Do post your comments in this entry.

Jeff yen: tell brown: no, i have my own styleee
no one on the Internets does it...it's uniquely singapore

Addendum: If anyone knows of a offline tool for Blogger that allows scheduled posting, please let me know. Thanks.

[Editor's note: This post is dated exactly a week from the time it was originally written.]
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