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Monday, April 13, 2009

"History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon." - Napoleon Bonaparte


Apple Privately Admits White MacBook's Notorious Crack Problem - "And lo, the winged horse of the Apocalypse bounded through the sky: Apple is acknowledging the white MacBook's legendary hairline cracks along the bottom enclosure, and will actually fix it, regardless of your warranty. An internal bulletin reportedly circulated last month to service providers points out four specific areas of the case that are especially to hairline cracking: the front, under the palmrests and trackpad, around the I/O ports, near back rear corners, and around the rear vents."

Self-control? It's child's play. Some classic games help limit anti-social behavior - "Kids everywhere have played Simon Says for generations without theslightest inkling that such games may be preparing them for success in theclassroom and the work world. Psychology researchers say the game is one of many that draw on the crucialcapacity to restrain impulses and exert self-control."

The Skeptical OB: Mommy, do you remember all four times you had sex? - "Our son, an angelic boy of eight at the time had a big smile on his face. “I understand now,” he said happily. “I just have one question.” Pointing to his little sister, he asked: “Can she and I practice this at home, so we’ll know what to do when we get married?”... “I just want to know,” she declared, “how after the man takes off his penis and puts it in the woman to make a baby, how does he stick it back on his body?”"

Lost Of Hope - "I was on YouTube trying to search for songs and i was pretty bored at that moment and i started searching “Nanyang Primary” School song... I showed Sheng the video and she’s now blaming me for showing her the video. It brings back the memory making us feel like crying cause that’s where we started knowing each other, every memories of every single one of us. Doubt i'll forget about NYPS(:"
I also feel like crying when I think about NYPS and also doubt I'll forget about it, but for different reasons

Ryu's Ultimate Combo

Ovulation moment caught on camera for the first time - "Gynecologist Dr Jacques Donnez spotted a human egg emerging from the ovary a 45-year-old Belgian woman and filmed the whole process. It is the first time a human ovulation has been recorded in detail and Dr Jacques Donnez saw it in progress during a routine hysterectomy operation."

Top 10 Reasons Your Company Should Not Tweet - "every Tweet has to be approved by legal. Twitter is a social network where conversation is fast and interconnected. If you have to wait a day, or even a few hours for your 140 character Tweet to gain legal approval, Twitter will be the wrong platform for you."

New Santa clauses introduced - "Santa Claus must have a minder to watch over him when he meets children, under the latest guidelines issued by Rotary clubs. Father Christmas must be accompanied when meeting children, even if parents are present... The guidelines also say Father Christmas should no longer have a grotto and he should only shake hands with children, avoiding other physical contact."

I Want You to Apologize - "When the University of Michigan Health System experimented with full disclosure, existing claims and lawsuits dropped from 262 in 2001 to 83 in 2007. Apologies work. Real, heartfelt empathy between one person and another diffuses anger and builds relationships. Defensiveness and resistance to admit mistakes creates anger."

Maybe Kim Jong-Il Can Help - "RosBalt news agency is reporting that Aleksei Lebedev, a bank clerk, financial analyst, and former neighborhood council member from St. Petersburg, has asked a local communist party to help him secure "political and economic" refugee status from North Korea."

Where Bears Roam Free: Gays now facing a backlash of its own doing? (on the AWARE coup) - "Has the gay community pushed their agenda a little to hard and little too fast? For now, it appears that some women (maybe some men behind the scene too) have taken over an institution to counter the gay movement. Only time will tell what this development will lead us to."
This is why I was not in favour of campaigning to repeal 377A

Lee Kuan Yew talks about Singapore’s regional reality - "Lee Kuan Yew has urged Singaporeans not to delude themselves that they are a part of the First World in South-east Asia."
Funny how the Great Leader says not to delude ourselves that we're First World, given his memoirs are titled "From Third World to First"

Markets are ruled by human foibles, not by science - "TO understand how we got ourselves into our latest economic mess, complicated explanations about derivatives, regulatory failure and so on are beside the point. The best answer is both ancient and simple: hubris. In modern mathematical economics, many people in the rich world decided that we had finally devised a set of scientific tools that could really predict human behaviour. These tools were supposed to be as reliable as those used in engineering. Having ushered scientific socialism into its grave at the Cold War's end, we quickly found ourselves embracing another Science of Man... Economists do not typically conduct experiments with real money. When they do, as when the Nobel laureate Myron Scholes ran the hedge fund Long Term Capital Management (LTCM), the dangers often outweigh the benefits... models are most useful when they are little known or not universally believed... Markets might once have been fairly efficient, before we had the theory of efficient markets."

Why are fashion models so thin? Answer: The gay domination of the fashion business. - "Explaining the typical looks of high-fashion models is easy. The top ranks of the fashion business are dominated by homosexual men... The multiple masculinized features of the female models gay fashion designers use to display their designs are obviously related to the homosexuality of these fashion designers. Additionally, a disproportionate number of gay men, especially those that are fashion designers, find the physique of adolescent boys aesthetically appealing, and of all masculinized women out there, only the young and skinny ones approach the looks of adolescent boys... Feminists...have offered curious hypotheses as to the skinniness of high-fashion models, hypotheses that those familiar with feminism would obviously expect to be based upon the alleged malevolence of patriarchy, heteropatriarchy to be more precise. Indeed, Rhodes Scholar Naomi Wolf has argued that...some men decided that the best way to put women in their rightful place is to occupy their thoughts with self-appearance and starve them. However, this notion is easily refuted... several commentators back then would have noted the more masculine physical appearance, on average, of feminists, something that is common observation"

1984 vs religion - "Another idea thats played throughout 1984 is the idea that you must not simply obey Big Brother, but you must love him... Christianity demands (at least most brands of it), under the threat of torture forever, that you must believe in Christ. Its not a matter of just living a good life, doing as little harm and as much good as you can, or even obeying much of the 10 commandments. You have to embrace Jesus, you must believe and love him for he loves you. He sacrificed everything for you, so if you don't love him and accept him as your savior, you are dirt and will be going straight to the hot place. This seems to fall very much in line with Big Brothers demand that you love him and praise him in all things... Room 101 seems to be a great concept for hell. Take the thing that is the worst thing that you can possibly think of, and thats what awaits you in room 101... Even the idea of thoughtcrime exists in both. Many interpret the idea of thou shalt not commit adultery as even lusting another women would qualify which is a thought, not an action... Another idea thats common in both... is the idea of eliminating sex as anything of pleasure, as that does not glorify God/the party... Hell even Goldstein can be interpreted as everything secular"
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