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Thursday, January 10, 2008

"Sanity calms, but madness is more interesting." - John Russell



I am very happy.

Top Score Music - TMCD1034 Romantic Themes

On this otherwise innocuous page from what seems to be a Dutch company, click on the notes beside the first entry, "Lovers Theme" (03:29). The full description of this piece is as follows:

"Lovers Theme

Duration: 03:29
Style: Romantic
Description: Haunting, light dramatic theme with single note piano lead - excellent orchestral accompaniment with prominent Strings and French horn.
Keywords: airy, calm, caring, dancing, dramatic, dreamy, dynamic, easy, epic, expectant, friendly, good, grand, happy, joyful, light, longing, melodic, mellow, optimistic, ominous, peaceful, pensive, positive, reflective, reverent, romantic, serene, sincere, soarin
Instruments: cymbals, drums, french horn, percussion, piano, strings, orchestra
Tempo: Medium Slow
Composer: Hervé Roy
Release year: 1992
Catalog #: TMCD1034-01"

Album description: "Collection of warm, pleasant and expressive romantic themes featuring piano and acoustic guitar leads."

If you don't recognise it, it is none other than THE THEME SONG OF 2GIRLS1CUP. How did I find this? Very simple. I Winamp Auto-Tag-ged the MP3 (from here), which yielded:

"Track: 1
Title: Lovers_Theme_Herve_Roy_TMCD1034
Artist: Herve Roy
Album: TMCD-1034 Romantic Themes
Album Artist: Tele Music
Year: 1992
Composer: Herve Roy"

I'm surprised I didn't think of this sooner!

Now I can appreciate the full genius of the music, with the enhanced quality (though only encoded at 64kbps, I can hear much that has been lost in the transition to a different medium) - the fidelity is better, the music has more depth and there are subtle chords and drum beats that have been either muffled or totally obscured but are now clear as day; synth audio never sounded so good! Furthermore, we get to hear more variations on this divine melody, with a version that's 3.5 times what we heard in the video.

Time to update my handphone ringtone with this new, improved version!

Update: Another site to download it.
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